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Happy Wednesday! First of all, I hope that you’re doing OK and not too affected by the upcoming full moon energy.

There’s definitely an intense energy shift these days and it’s having a huge impact on my emotions.

Basically, memories from the past are re-surfacing and I’m not feeling as positive as I normally do. It’s just very weird.

I also have been dreading going back to Dubai on March 2. I just feel like I’m completely in my element here in Bali and I can’t say that I feel the same way when I’m in Dubai.

I’ve actually started contacting some real estate agents to ask about villas for October. I thought it would be a good idea to view some properties while I’m here. I’m planning another two-month trip in October as part of the book project. I’m officially obsessed with Bali.

But I definitely won’t be staying at an Airbnb villa next time. Let’s just say that my experience hasn’t been positive.

I still feel that I was meant to stay in this particular villa on this trip – for many reasons that I can talk about later.

So I accept that this is the right choice for now. But certainly not for future stays.

The neighborhood – and more specifically street – doesn’t feel very safe and I don’t feel comfortable sleeping at night.

Just this morning, I discovered that the fridge stopped working and because I had energy balls in there, it’s now full of ants inside and outside! I already informed the owner to send someone to check but I’m now at a stage where I’m looking forward to moving to the next location – which I will reveal later.

I’m also booking flights for an Italy trip in September and I already have a couple of trips planned to Italy this year.

I just don’t want to stay in Dubai anymore. I don’t belong there and I feel that I’m doing the right thing by spending most of this year traveling.

Besides the fact that Dubai’s energy and lifestyle doesn’t align with my soul essence, traveling the world is the best thing to do after completing inner child work.

If you’ve done the intense inner child healing work, then you will understand what I mean.

After discovering the real family dynamic and your role in that family, things can get very confusing and downhill.

Luckily, I don’t feel that bad because I always look at the bright side of every situation.

I’ll explain more about this topic in Friday’s blog post on Soul Collective. I’ll share with you my perspective and I’m sure you will find it very interesting!

Morning Rituals are Necessary for Grounding

I chose to share with you my morning ritual as well as my evening rituals. I feel that it’s a very important part of my day and it really sets the tone for how the day unfolds.

Whether I’m in Dubai or Bali, the first thing that I do each morning is practice silent meditation.

When in Bali, I generally spend about 30 to 40 to even 50 minutes in meditation. This is because I meditate to the sound of the birds and nature. So it’s a really powerful experience unlike when I’m in Dubai.

That’s also a time to connect with my higher self and deepen my intuition and spiritual abilities.

You can read about my silent meditation practice and why it’s important in this blog post.

Starting your day with meditation is also a great tool for grounding yourself and feeling centered in your body and soul.

Since arriving in Canggu, I’ve been having coconut water and an energy ball almost each morning to start my day.

This gives me time to decide on where I want to go for breakfast and plan my day. It also means that I’m living in alignment with my emotions and not my mind.

Since most of us are conditioned to operate and live from our minds, embracing your soul and heart takes conscious effort and practice. You need to bring awareness to how you go about your day and make decisions.

You can read about this topic in this blog post.

Include Movement Throughout the Day

I’m so grateful that I can go for meditative, long beach walks each day here in Canggu.

Being connected to your body is key to manifesting change and a magical life for yourself.

Because when you’re connected to your heart, body and soul, synchronicity starts to show up for you and you are aligned with the Universal flow.

If you can, try attending a group exercise class at least once or twice a week. This is a great idea for you to get motivated and start leading a more active life.

When you join a group or community and do something active, it will be easier for you to commit to a training routine. And you might even make new friends who will support you in your journey.

I’ve been going to a gym in Canggu for some real intense group training sessions. And although I tell myself that I won’t be coming back in the middle of each class, I know that it’s the right thing to do if I want to loose weight, tone up and connect to my body!

Evening Rituals Help you Embrace your Feminine Essence

I wrote a post earlier with my tips for stepping into your feminine essence and you can read it here.

I personally like to evening rituals to connect to my feminine side and sensuality.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as taking a shower and using some aloe vera gel on my skin – this is mainly to treat pigmentation in some areas of my body. But you can use your favorite massage oil or lotion and just indulge in a ritual of your choice.

The main thing is to connect to your body and feel it.

Since completing a tantra (sexual de-conditioning) workshop at Osho Miasto last November, I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my body and skin. I honestly always loved being naked and had no issues in that area, but I feel that the workshop heightened this sensuality and connection to my body.

If you like, you can also spend some time reading – but try to choose a book that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Nothing too heavy or which requires a lot of concentration.

I also enjoy reading online articles and learning new things during my evening rituals.

There’s always something new and interesting to discover and try out.

Allow Life to Unfold

As I stated in the beginning of this post, I’ve been feeling a lot of dark emotions lately. I trust that this is part of my healing process. The release at and around the time of the full moon is always so powerful and it really helps in letting old energy go.

Although I’ve been seeing so many powerful messages about my soul mate vision and constant angel numbers to support that magical things are on their way to me, the full moon energy is creeping up on me and it’s a very emotional time.

Luckily, I’m going to yin yoga this evening and I’m sure that I will feel more grounded and centered after the session.

I’m actually really enjoying the manifestation process and all the synchronicity that’s coming my way.

I’m also writing all of the major stories down as part of my synchronicity book project.

Once complete, you will have a guide on how to manifest a life partner with ease and flow.

In the end, I encourage you to allow life to unfold and to have strong faith that the Universe has a magical plan for your life – even better than what you imagine!

So just keep growing and healing. And avoid creating resistance by doubting or worrying about what’s coming next.

I actually say these words for myself too! The great thing is that I’m falling in love with myself and my life more with each passing day and that’s the key to manifesting a healthy romantic relationship.

Love yourself and give yourself all the attention and nurturing that you seek from a partner. That’s the secret!



evening rituals

evening rituals

evening rituals

evening rituals

evening rituals

evening rituals

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