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Are you interested in writing a story about Saudi Diva? On this page you’ll find all permitted media. You can also click to download my media kit and submit an enquiry if you’d like to interview me.

I created the Saudi Diva brand to empower, inspire and delight people from all backgrounds, in all locations around the world. I’m a Saudi Arabian Woman, Journalist & Author and I am committed to changing perspectives about what it means to be an Arabic Woman in the 21st Century. I’m a self-made entrepreneur, Founder of Soul Collective Coaching and Manifestation Life Coach helping others create their perfect life.

You may find me to be the perfect story for women in business, Arabic women challenging stereotypes, inspirational and motivational stories, personal development topics and social media achievers.

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Continuous evolution and positive growth are esential for shaping our personalities and helping us become better versions of ourselves.

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