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    How to Effortlessly Find Your Tribe Starting Today

    Have you found your tribe yet? Find Your Tribe Starting Today Our need for connection with like-minded people is as old as time. There is a reason why many of us resonate with mantras such as... READ MORE →

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    Shift your Focus to Release Resistance

    Transition and Vibration Shift I’ve been feeling really exhausted and low in energy for the past week or so. I even had the strap piece on my hand bag break and this is a sign of... READ MORE →

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    Ready to step out of your comfort zone and create your own bliss?


    How to Speak your Desires into Existence (With the Law of Attraction)

    It’s the New Moon in Aries tonight, so another opportunity to set new intentions for your dream life. Using the moon energy to create is a powerful manifestation tool. You can check this blog post for... READ MORE →

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    Why Feeling Grounded Helps You to Manifest Your Desires

    It was my last evening in Bali and I was having dinner with my two soul sisters at a pizzeria in Seminyak. That was the evening right before my last flight back to Dubai on March... READ MORE →

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    How to Step into your Feminine Energy

    Last night was fun. I truly switched up my routine by attending a friend’s birthday dinner at a new Japanese restaurant in Downtown Dubai. It’s been a year since I’ve gone out for dinner or drinks.... READ MORE →

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    Fast-track Manifestation Rule: Be Specific

    I did a poll today on my Instagram stories asking my community if they were already seeing signs about their desire. The majority that voted said that they’re still not at the stage where they’re seeing... READ MORE →

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