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Manifesting Your Dream Life: Stepping Out of Comfort Is Essential

Why was I Missing in Action? So, it’s been a really long time since I wrote anything on this blog. Yes, I was in Bali for exactly six months, and while I managed to blog at... READ MORE →

How Staying Active Helps To Manifest Your Dream Life

Recent Wellness Wednesday Posts I’ve been sharing my fitness journey lately on the blog and on my Twitter. Follow me there for updates. Twitter is the only social media platform that I’m still active on. You... READ MORE →

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3 Reasons Your Manifestation Journey Is Taking Time

There’s an intense energy of clearing the old and purging. I thought this energy would end with Mercury Retrograde, but the post-shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde ended, and I’m still getting vivid dreams about people from... READ MORE →

Finding Your Why: The Key To Staying Active and Motivated

Mercury Retrograde Mercury Retrograde is almost over. We’re still in the post-shadow phase until May 13. As always, this was a time to release any connections that no longer serve us. When I thought I had... READ MORE →

Never Give Up on Being a Better You: A Story of Self-Improvement

It Took 14 Years! On April 1, I celebrated exactly 14 years of living in Dubai. Today, I want to share an inspirational self-improvement story about never giving up. I used to live in a different... READ MORE →

What are you Releasing this Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde and Scarcity Mindset How are you feeling with this Mercury Retrograde? Are you experiencing strange and crazy incidents? Since the eclipse started, I’ve been having vivid dreams of people from the past, and it’s... READ MORE →