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    How to Effortlessly Find Your Tribe Starting Today

    Have you found your tribe yet? Find Your Tribe Starting Today Our need for connection with like-minded people is as old as time. There is a reason why many of us resonate with mantras such as... READ MORE →

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    Step Outside of your Comfort Zone to Manifest Love!

    Last week’s blog post was about living in the end when manifesting a relationship. You can read it here. Yesterday’s Strawberry full moon felt so light and easy. It felt like a welcoming of new energy... READ MORE →

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    Ready to step out of your comfort zone and create your own bliss?


    Shifting Perspectives: Why You Should Focus On What You Have

    Happy new month and congratulations on surviving another wild and crazy Mercury Retrograde period! The Retrograde post-shadow phase ended yesterday and I’m feeling so relieved and excited about what’s coming next! I don’t know about you,... READ MORE →

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    Living in the End: The Key to Manifesting Relationships

    I’m still feeling the impact of the Mercury Retrograde post-shadow phase. Luckily, we have a few days to go till it ends. Last week, I wrote a blog post about how to stop identifying with your... READ MORE →

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    Embracing Self-Actualization: Unveiling the Power Within

    I don’t know about you, but I still feel the impact of the last Mercury Retrograde. The post-shadow phase ends at the end of May, and I can’t wait for that day. It’s been a crazy... READ MORE →

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    Transforming Your Story: Break Free from the Single Identity Loop

    I haven’t been feeling well since last Wednesday. At first, I thought it was the flu, and although I now feel better, I can’t taste food properly, so I think it could’ve been COVID! I did... READ MORE →

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