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    How to Effortlessly Find Your Tribe Starting Today

    Have you found your tribe yet? Find Your Tribe Starting Today Our need for connection with like-minded people is as old as time. There is a reason why many of us resonate with mantras such as... READ MORE →

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    Be Gentle with Yourself – Change Takes Time

    Today’s post is a simple reminder to be gentle with yourself. I know how it feels when you’re raised in a way that makes you feel like you’re not good enough. If you were always told... READ MORE →

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    Ready to step out of your comfort zone and create your own bliss?


    Find Your Inner Calmness: The Key to Peaceful Living

    Last Monday, I wrote about how vibration and energy impacts manifesting a relationship. You can read that post here. In that post, I shared an example from my own life and how I’m considering moving to... READ MORE →

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    Manifestation Blocks: Low Vibes and Energy

    It’s been a week since my last blog post because I’m feeling the intensity of the Mercury Retrograde. First it was the full moon and now it’s the retrograde. And last week, it was the full... READ MORE →

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    Manifest Anything: Act As If You Already Have it.

    In last week’s post, I shared about how I’m experiencing major shifts in my relationship with my dad. You can read that story here. The integration of the deep energy work that I did took two... READ MORE →

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    Self-healing: How’s your Relationship with the Masculine?

    Back in June of 2016, I had a reading with a psychic medium in Dubai. She predicted many things that already happened like the fact that I will become vegan. At that time, I wasn’t considering... READ MORE →

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