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    How to Effortlessly Find Your Tribe Starting Today

    Have you found your tribe yet? Find Your Tribe Starting Today Our need for connection with like-minded people is as old as time. There is a reason why many of us resonate with mantras such as... READ MORE →

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    What It Means to Be Your Authentic Self: Just Be Yourself!

    After a month in the Campania region of Italy, I received the most real and useful advice for my love manifestation journey! Before I share the powerful story, I invite you to read the latest Manifestation... READ MORE →

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    Ready to step out of your comfort zone and create your own bliss?


    How to Make More Aligned Decisions

    In a previous blog post, I shared a decision-making tip for those still working on re-activating their intuition. At the end of the post, I promised to share another helpful tip that doesn’t require a strong... READ MORE →

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    Where to have Coffee in Alassio: Volta Cafe Review

    It’s Travel Tuesday, and I realized I’m one of the few tourists who visited Alassio – the off-the-beaten-path part of Liguria. I’ve written a few blog posts about this magical summer destination, but I know I... READ MORE →

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    Accepting your Life Situation and Enjoying the Journey is Key!

    I feel like I’ve been resisting my current reality for a long time. I focused on manifesting my dream life and not acknowledging my current reality. Getting caught up in doing the manifestation work and trying... READ MORE →

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    Santa Maria di Castellabate: Southern Italy’s Hidden Gem

    If you’re like me and don’t like touristy and busy places, then you will love Santa Maria di Castellabate. Santa Maria di Castellabate –  A Step Back In Time A small, quaint fishing village in Southern... READ MORE →

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