How to Manifest Your Soul Mate by Setting Intentions

Did you know that the Law of Attraction and other manifestation tools can help you manifest your soul mate?

Manifest Your Soul Mate

manifest your soul mateWe all know that there is more to romantic relationships than just mere physical attraction. More than this, relationships are clothed in layers of energy, karmic dynamics, and ethereal connections. This is why breaking unhealthy relationship patterns can be incredibly difficult for many people. It is also the reason why some people whose energies and vibrations align perfectly enjoy deeply satisfying relationships with their soul mate.

If you are looking to attract your soul mate, you have to be prepared to approach the whole process from both a logical and a vibrational point of view.

From a logical perspective, attracting your ideal life partner means going out and meeting new people and being in places where you are most likely to interact with someone who could potentially become the love of your life.

However, the vibrational aspect of attracting your soul mate is probably the most important. It is the most profound work you will do to transform your wishes into reality. The vibrational work involves summoning the Universe to help you manifest your soul mate in this lifetime.

Are you ready to call in the love of your life? This article guides you through a step-by-step process of manifesting the romantic relationship your heart desires and that you deserve.

Work on Yourself and Address Hidden Wounds

One thing many of us get wrong when we want to attract our life partner is thinking that everything revolves around the man or woman we want to attract. This new love just needs to walk into our life and it will be all rainbows and butterflies. So, we wait and wait in vain.  Or, we end up attracting someone that is not really what we had in mind all along.

The truth is, attracting your perfect soul mate has a lot to do with your state of being, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You must work on yourself, bring yourself to a state of being that is ready to receive the exact kind of person you want in your life.

Here’s how you can sum it up: Your vibe attracts your tribe. The energy you send out into the Universe will attract like energy back to you. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are sending out positive energy to attract back just the right people.

So, take time to self-reflect. Yes, you want to be with that amazing person with whom you will share and enjoy life. But, a great question to ask yourself is: would you want to be with you?

Are you physically, mentally, emotionally healthy? If not, then this is a good time to start getting healthy at a physical level and to also sort out, cleanse, release any emotional and mental baggage that may be perpetuating negative relationship patterns.

This is where Shadow Work comes into play.

Shadow Work

All of us have a shadow that we acquired from childhood. According to psychologist Carl Jung, the shadow constitutes repressed emotions and behaviors from our childhood.

The reason why we learned to repress and hide these parts of ourselves was for sheer survival. We hid these “bad’’ parts of ourselves because whenever we expressed them, negative consequences such as disapproval, rejection, reprimand, and even punishment would follow.

Our shadow is where our biggest insecurities are tucked away and we unconsciously suppress these parts to protect ourselves from pain. However, the more we suppress and remain oblivious to these parts of ourselves, the more we close ourselves off from the possibility of deep, authentic love.

Therefore, in your unconscious effort to protect yourself, you may end up in a cycle of engaging in immature and self-sabotaging behavior that attracts unavailable people. Or, you might push away great people who are ready to love you, making it difficult for you to sustain intimate relationships.

Becoming conscious of your personal shadow is one of the most self-empowering things. It is a step toward self-awareness and it will help you see how your own behaviors could be affecting your ability to attract and sustain a loving relationship with your soul mate.

Shadow work is just that. It’s becoming aware of the repressed parts of yourself so that your behavior, choices, and actions are no longer executed on autopilot.  Rather, they come from a place of full awareness.

Shadow Work is not something you do in a day; it is an ongoing process and as you go on, you become more self-aware and gain greater clarity.

Silent meditation can help you get in touch with parts of yourself that you might have been suppressing. Consider the traits that you reject or dislike when you see them in others—these can often be part of your personal shadow.

You can also undertake Shadow Work through a practice known as stream-of-consciousness writing. This process involves sitting in a quiet place with a pen and notepad and writing down any thoughts that come to mind.

Just keep writing. When you go back to read your notes, certain themes will emerge and this will give you a window into your personal shadow.

Lastly, seeing a therapist or life coach who is trained in facilitating Shadow Work can also help you. This can safely bring out those hidden and suppressed parts of yourself so you can learn to embrace them and love yourself completely.

Cut the Energetic Cords of Your Past

The next step to manifesting your soul mate is severing any energetic cords that may be tying you to past lovers. These are keeping you from moving forward and experiencing the love you deserve.

Many of us do not know that even after ending a relationship and moving on, we can still be energetically tied to our exes. Attracting your life partner when you are still tied to someone else.

When you enter a relationship, whether it is a romantic or platonic one, you trigger an energetic connection. The longer you are in the relationship the stronger the energetic connection becomes.

Where the energy cord is healthy, you will have high vibrational experiences, which include a feeling of deep love, care, support, happiness, fulfillment, etc. The opposite is true—an unhealthy energetic cord results in low vibrational experiences such as conflict, anger, resentment.

When you are energetically bonded to an ex, you are literally sending a vibrational frequency of unavailability. Therefore, the universe cannot conspire to send your soul mate, because you have sent out the message that you are not ready yet.

So, while distancing yourself physically from your ex is a good first step, you need to take it further. By cutting any energetic cords between you you can give way to new opportunities.

Here is how to cut the energy cord between you and a past lover:

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Be sure to relax your body. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out.
  • Close your eyes and ask the Universe to guide you through the process. Ask for guidance and protection, for example:

“Dear Universe, I ask for your guidance as I cut all cords attached to me that no longer serve me. Help me to let go and to heal. Protect me with a healing white light. Thank you.”

  • With your eyes still closed, visualize your past lover whom you would like to cut cords with standing in front of you with an energetic cord connecting you. Wrap both of you in a healing white light.
  • Feel any emotions and notice any memories that may arise. Sit with these emotions for a time and without labeling them as good or bad, let the emotions drift away into thin air.
  • Now, envision a shiny knife or pair of scissors and imagine yourself cutting the cord fast. Cut the cord three times and imagine each side of the cord returning into each person respectively.
  • Repeat this ritual as often as you need to until you feel that you have completely severed all energetic ties with this person.
  • The energetic cord will have been severed and you’ll know this as you’ll feel lighter and more balanced.

Align Your Vibrations to Your Desired Soul Mate

Everything is made of vibrational frequencies; from your morning cup of tea to the flowers in your vase. This means that everything and everyone that we attract in our lives is the same frequency as the frequency we are sending out into the Universe ourselves.

journallingWhen it comes to relationships, the same is true. We attract the people who are a reflection of who we are. If you are full of love for yourself, you are emitting a high vibrational frequency of love, and you will attract people whom you love and love you in the same way.

So, this next step to manifest your soul mate involves getting clear about the type of person you want in your life. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be to attract your ideal life partner.

Instead of focusing on superficial traits such as their height, weight, or ethnicity, focus on how you want to feel when you are with this person. Visualize life with this person, the things you will do together, and the memories you will create.

For a harmonious relationship, you also want to focus on attracting a person with the same values and outlook as yours. If, for example, you want to get married and have children, you obviously want to focus on manifesting someone who wants these things as well.

A manifestation journal is a great tool to use for this process. Journaling is a powerful way to not only get clear about what you want. It also helps you to become intentional with your actions feel and act as if your desires are already a reality, regroup your subconscious mind, and align with the universe so you can manifest your desires.

To begin, buy a journal that feels good to you. This is an important step because remember everything emits a vibrational frequency. A journal that feels good to you is literally emitting positive vibes. So, you want this kind of positive space to manifest the person you desire.

In your journal, write down the traits you are looking for in your soul mate. Be sure to write this in the present tense as though you already have this person in your life.

This particular journal entry could be something like:

My soul mate is:

  • hilarious
  • kind
  • intelligent
  • a supportive partner
  • an amazing father/mother etc.

It is also a good idea to list your own qualities that will make you attractive to your soul mate. Once you do this, you can include yours and your soul mate’s traits into your daily affirmation routine. Reread and speak out these traits all while feeling deep gratitude.

The final part of manifesting your soul mate is visualizing. You’ll be bringing feeling into your affirmations and desires and this is best done in quiet meditation.

manifest your soul mateMeditate on how it will feel when you have your soul mate in your life. Pick one thing to visualize on.  For example, your wedding or the birth of your child. Imagine how any of these events will unfold, feel the joy, love, and excitement. Continue to meditate and visualize for as long as you need.

Manifest Your Soul Mate Today

As you set intentions and put in the work to manifest your soul mate, have faith. The Universe will conspire for you to make your wishes come true.

Avoid engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors in an effort to quicken the process of bringing your soul mate into your life. This sends out the message that you do not trust the Universe and will only lead to you becoming frustrated.

Do your part. Go on with your life. Trust the process. The love of your life is on his/her way to you.

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