Wellness Wednesday: Accept, Trust, Surrender, Let Go

It’s Wellness Wednesday and this article is called Accept, Trust, Surrender, Let Go. I want to talk about a specific state of being which I’m trying to integrate.

A True State of Being

It’s when we think, behave and act out of love and trust as opposed to fear and control.

It’s about accepting our current life situation with all its good and bad.

It’s a feeling of surrendering to what is and embracing life, instead of fighting against it.

It’s stepping into our feminine essence and goddess nature.

It’s doing less and feeling more. Even if there’s pain and heartache.

Let Go

The truth is, when we’re busy trying to control every single moment of our lives, we miss out on so much. As cliche as this sounds, it’s very real. While we constantly make plans for the future, we become unaware of the many blessings and gifts in our present.

When we let go of attachment to any outcome and trust that the Universe is by our side, we emit a positive, loving energy.

When we express gratitude for the abundance which we already have, we attract more of it.

When we act out of love, surrender and trust, we flow with life and everything goes perfectly well.

I don’t ask you to stop planning or investing in your personal and spiritual growth.

What I’m highlighting with this post is that constant state of wanting, controlling and taking action.

This wellbeing state is best defined as a masculine energy which can sometimes be strong in some of us.

A Learning Process

Learning to accept, trust and surrender requires self-awareness and practice.

Let’s embrace the graceful goddess within us and soften into our feminine essence.

Let’s practice mindfulness and self-compassion in our daily lives.

Let’s be grateful for the endless blessings that the Universe has given us.

Let’s allow each moment to unfold exactly as it is and be present with anything that it brings with it.

Let’s think, behave and act from a place of love and worthiness, because we are enough.

While letting go and surrendering to life is essential, manifesting a certain vision or goal can still be achieved in parallel.

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Wishing you a peaceful and mindful Wednesday.


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