Mindful Monday: Embrace All your Personality Traits

In my debut Mindful Monday post, I spoke about healing ourselves and our hearts before searching for love and companionship. Today’s topic is equally important. In fact, it’s a prerequisite to being in a romantic relationship or love connection. It’s all about how to embrace all your personality traits.

Shadow Elements of Our Personality Shape

We all have certain parts or aspects of our personality which we are not so proud of. We might even feel insecure or inadequate because of these character traits.

The truth is, these shadow elements of our personality shape who we are as much as the positive ones do. They are there for a reason and if you’re in your thirties or forties, then they are most likely a definitive part of your personality and how you show yourself to the world.

Let me tell you about the traits which I perceive as not so pleasant or beautiful in my personality.

Since I was raised by two narcissistic parents, my maturity and growth was delayed. I always describe myself as a late bloomer. Narcissistic parents view their children as an extension to them.  They don’t encourage or support their independence and growth into individual beings.

Of course, this fact doesn’t mean that it’s OK for me to not grow or develop into a mature, responsible adult. At 38 years of age, I must take complete responsibility of my life and who I am as a person.

Embrace All Your Personality Traits

In addition to doing just that, I embrace the parts of my personality which I perceive as being flawed or unpleasant. This means that I can  love myself exactly the way I am.  I can accept all my character traits including being a late-bloomer and late-grown-up woman 🙂 When we embrace all our personality traits we can truly love ourselves.

Now, can you think of one or two personality traits which you don’t like about yourself. Can you think of how you can begin to embrace them instead of resenting them?

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embrace all your personality traits

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