Mindful Monday: Healing Comes First

Inspiration for this “Healing Comes first” post came from a recent conversation with a friend. She was moving to another country and we were catching up over coffee before she leaves for good.

She’s single, a few years younger than me and has a high level of self-awareness and lives intentionally.

As we were walking around, she told me how she doesn’t like the fact that she’s single. Seeing couples holding hand wherever she looks made her sad. She also mentioned about how she’s always walking alone or with friends and that she’s not happy with her single status.

As someone who is single myself – and has been for most of my life – I reminded her to accept that this is her situation for now and to focus her attention on the positive things in her life rather than what’s lacking.

The thing is, the Universe is always working for us – even when it doesn’t seem like it. There’s always a deep and good reason behind everything that we encounter and every single card we are dealt.

Practising Gratitude

When we practice gratitude for the positive things that we already have in our life, the Universe rewards us with more. That’s simply the way it works. And when we express ungratefulness, we complain a lot and our vibration is low.  The Universe then blocks the blessings and good things from us.

If you want to attract a positive, loving and conscious life partner or lover, practice gratitude on a daily basis. There’s a plethora of things to be grateful for daily! The simple gift of being alive and in good health is a huge blessing not to be taken for granted.

Time for Healing

Another good reason to be patient about meeting a life partner and being in a romantic relationship is the concept of healing. I personally prefer meeting someone when I’m at a good stage of my healing journey. This is better than when I’m still trying to figure things out and get past all the anger and sadness of my adverse childhood.

I believe that when I’m feeling positive and conscious about myself and my true essence, I can attract a soul who’s at a similar level of consciousness and we can continue to support each other in our healing journeys.

Investing in Spiritual Growth

I’m glad I invested in spiritual growth and healing my childhood pain and trauma. If I had not I would definitely attract someone who would repeat my parents’ unconscious and limited behavior. This can only lead to new pain, wounds and scars in an endless cycle.

Once you begin practicing gratitude and make it a daily habit, you will attract individuals and situations who match your new, positive vibrations. And when the time is right, you will be able to manifest a loving and conscious soul mate.

For gratitude ideas and inspiration, follow my Instagram stories. I’ve started a series of daily gratitude moments which can uplift and elevate your mood.


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  • Heba Sharaf says:

    This is very similar to my inner thoughts all the time ! Why am i Single ? am i not fit for a relationship on some level ? am i not good looking ? am i pushing men away ? am i punished from GOD?! all sorts of WHYs i have an endless list . But i am trying now to focus on counting my blessings and try to put my self in a good modd even if i was in a bad one . I trick myself sometimes by smiling and cheating myself into believing i am in a good mood and can you imagine it works 🙂

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Heba! I was thinking today of how I’m truly grateful to have you as a friend and a loyal blog follower! I will tell you more about this when we meet. I’m happy to hear that you’re doing the right thing by keeping yourself positive even when you don’t feel like it. Basically, we must work on raising our vibrations and emitting a different kind of energy to the one that we have been programed into due to negative family conditioning and other painful past experiences. I look forward to working with you and helping you raise your vibration and stay positive naturally at all times 🙂

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