Wellness Wednesday: Trust your Intuition & Follow your Soul

In yesterday’s Reflective Tuesday post, I spoke about the holiday season. I discussed how this can be a time for reflection, self-care and self-love for many of us on a healing journey. Today, I wanted to talk about how healing takes patience and effort and how you must trust your intuition.

Healing is Intentional

At times, it seems like the learning curve or the path to a healthier version of us is steep and full of downhills and disappointments. However, these discouraging, difficult and challenging moments are when the healing happens.

Healing happens over Stages

As most of you know, healing doesn’t happen overnight. Each person goes through a number of stages from isolation, anger and resentment, grief, acceptance and eventually compassion. Throughout these stages, you’ll be confronted with the negative patterns and limiting beliefs, which are holding you back.

Keep Moving Forward

When you continue to see the same negative patterns being repeated in your life – like a broken record – keep going. It’s normal to feel like your efforts to heal and put an end to your self-destructive patterns are not working. The reality is, the appearance of these patterns is a positive sign that you’re on the right path!

How does Healing Really Work?

Basically, when you continue to face the same patterns (in different situations and with multiple individuals), it’s a clear sign. The Universe is bringing your attention to the issues and patterns that need to be worked on. It’s a valuable opportunity to identify, acknowledge and act differently.

Trust the process and your intuition

As wounded adults of emotional or physical abuse, we tend to disregard how we feel and our basic gut instinct. It’s because when we were abused (and gaslighted in narcissistic abuse), we did not receive validation as individuals. Other people can make us feel insignificant, small and that our opinions – and feelings – don’t matter.

Growing up, we forget to check in with ourselves and how we feel. This results in confusion and disillusion when we need to trust our intuition and instinct. So instead of acting in our best interest, we stay in the toxic relationship or engage with that unconscious person and completely ignore our feelings.

Always follow your intuition

I’ll elaborate on this topic in a future post and discuss how failing to listen to my intuition previously impacted my life negatively. For now, I encourage you to always trust your intuition. Follow what the deepest parts of your soul are telling you at any given moment.

It’s Wellness Wednesday, so take time off today and do something purely for you. Indulge in self-care, self-love and self-compassion. Book a spa appointment, soak in a bath with salts, get your nails done, go for a mindful walk or meditate for a few minutes.



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