Wellness Wednesday: Observe and Change your Self-talk

It’s Wellness Wednesday and I’m excited to share with you a new, transformative habit. This article is about self-talk. Practice this tip  immediately and it will have a positive and profound impact on your wellbeing and life.

As I discover new healing and personal growth practices, I always try them out for myself before sharing them with you. That’s how you can rest assured that every wellness tip I write about is 100% effective and life-changing.

Today’s tip is more cognitive than energy focused. It’s all about our minds and thought patterns. As we all know, our thoughts create our behaviors which then shape our reality.

Negative Self-Talk

95% of our thoughts are unconscious, meaning only 5% is conscious or created entirely by our own minds. The majority of our thoughts are because of childhood conditioning. So, they don’t belong to us. As such, it’s crucially important for us to observe our self-talk at all times. This is especially the case if you’ve had negative conditioning and were raised in a toxic home environment with unconscious parents or family dynamics.

I remember when I started observing my thoughts and the things that I told myself. It was shocking to realise how negative these were. My self-talk was lying to me. “I’m fat”, “I’m slow”, “I’m a failure”, and more. Of course, none of it was true.

Self-deprecating dialogue doesn’t belong to you. It’s only your conditioning or negative programming.

Once you realize this, it becomes easy to let the negative thought patterns go. You can then replace them with new, positive ones.

Let me give you an example. When you hear yourself saying something cruel and negative in your mind, try to challenge it. Look at it objectively. Ask yourself: “Am I really overweight? Am I really a failure?”

You will start to realize that this negative self-talk is completely untrue and so detached from reality and who you are.

Detachment & Observation

We are all made of light and full of potential. Then, somewhere along the way, people tell us things that are completely negative and inaccurate. But as children, we take these beliefs and make them our own. In reality, they don’t belong to us. They were just passed on to us by caretakers who were “unconscious”. They didn’t do the inner work to heal their own faulty beliefs and ideas.

Moving forward, I ask you to detach from your thoughts. Try observing them in an objective way. When you hear yourself saying something negative and deprecating in your head, let it go. Replace it with a positive and constructive thought.

As you practice this, enjoy the whole new world that you are creating for yourself. Since our reality is entirely shaped by our own inner state, we have the power to shift our lives by simply changing our thought patterns.

Do you know what will happen? You will begin to attract individuals who mirror your newly-found state of being. A shift in the type of situations which you encounter in your daily life will occur. You will make the leap from being in a victim mindset to a creator and manifesting one.

Explore Interests & Hobbies

In addition to observing and changing your destructive self-talk patterns, I encourage you to continue exploring your interest and hobbies. This is something that I’m still doing and I’m happy to share the impact this has on my life in a future post.

The reason I choose to share it later is that I recently started exploring new activities (and I only attended one so far). So, as I wrote in the introduction of this post, I only share with you things that have worked and that I have tried and tested. Since the hobbies/activities thing is still in its early stages, I will keep it for a future time when I begin to see the positive changes it will have on my wellbeing and life.

Remember, healing is fun and rewarding but it’s also intentional. So start now to reap the benefits and see yourself and your life transform.

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