Lifestyle Sunday: Wellness, Holidays & Finding Myself

It’s Sunday, which means the start of a new week here in the UAE. Today is all about wellness, creative holidays and finding myself. 

Be Flexible

My original plan was to fill in the business license application documents to set up my life coaching practice. Instead, I decided to spend time researching writing workshops and retreats in Bali. I think I’m getting closer to meeting my life partner. A psychic once told me that I will meet him while I write my book. That’s where I’m kind of at these days.

The first step is for me to attend writing workshops and learn the necessary skills for writing a memoir. I was late to sign up for a Dubai-based workshop, so thought of searching for writing retreats or workshops in Bali. I found a few interesting events and a good amount of information. What I didn’t expect – or intend to do – was spend the next 90 minutes looking at these options. I even connected with the organizers and reviewed a creative holidays website.

What’s interesting is that another psychic told me that my blog acts mainly as a therapeutic platform. It allows me to express my emotions and thoughts. That’s exactly how I feel as I write these words.

Instead of writing a Tuscany restaurant review or a lifestyle story from my recent trip to Italy, I chose to tell you about how I am just discovering myself and my interests at 38 years of age. There is a reason for this.

Put Yourself First

I was raised by narcissistic parents who didn’t acknowledge, encourage or give any attention/importance to having activities and hobbies while I was growing up. I had to invest a lot of time and energy in trying to find a way to a) deal with a narcissistically abusive mother. b) escape a toxic and negative home environment.

It took me 29 years of tolerating and living with parents who didn’t make me feel seen, validated or connected to.  As a result, it’s taking me a good number of years before finding myself.  It takes time to heal and rebuild from that toxic and abusive environment and life situation.

While I discover my interests and hobbies, work towards writing my memoir and start my life coaching business to help others, I will be focusing more on me, my interests and my personal growth and development.

The next time you put yourself first, remember that you are important. Your opinion matters and your soul as an individual away from the conditioning of your parents is highly essential and crucial to your growth and evolution.

Finding Myself

For now, I’m dreaming of a Bali holiday where I can spend my time taking writing workshops. I’m getting my first tattoo, attending meditation sessions and possibly learning how to surf. That’s the least that I can do to reclaim the years wasted before I began finding myself. I was in essence following the path of narcissistic parents which meant I couldn’t connect to them, let alone connect with me.

The positive side of this story is that I’m privileged to be able to invest time and energy in discovering my true self and in exploring a plethora of interesting and transformative life experiences along the way. Finding myself has changed my life.

What kind of childhood did you have? Were your parents supportive of your choices? Did they connect to you? Did they encourage you to have hobbies and activities? Are you at a place where you’ve found your true identity? Are you in a fulfilling, happy relationship with a partner who understands and supports your true self?

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