Lifestyle Sunday: Dolce Far Niente – The Art of Doing Nothing

Dolce Far Niente is the art of doing nothing. Have you heard of this before? If not, today’s article will be very useful. I hope that you had a good long weekend – if you live in the UAE. I personally have my dad visiting and am spending the next few days with him. It’s perfect timing as he can also help with reviewing my trade license agreement and documents.

Focus on the Positive

Many times, we must train our minds to focus on the positive things in every situation. For example, my father is an emotionally unreachable person. I am now at the stage where I can completely accept this. I can acknowledge his other positive traits like kindness, generosity and being there when I need help.

If you’re struggling with an emotionally unavailable parent, try to think of their good personality traits. Focus on this. Extend compassion towards these people and try to see their pain. I honestly have empathy for my father because he is unable to connect to himself or his emotions. At the same time, every person has their own path to follow and live.

Dolce Far Niente – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Today’s Lifestyle Sunday post is different. It’s not a typical restaurant or cafe review. It’s a post about the Italian concept of ‘Dolce far niente’ or the sweetness of doing nothing. A line from the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and an Italian way of life, Dolce far niente is a concept we should all integrate into our lives.

What this simply means is the essence of doing nothing, and truly enjoying it. It’s an expression describing the way of life in Italy and how you can sit and do nothing and just watch the time go by. It’s such a therapeutic experience and can be highly rewarding and rejuvenating when done right.

I can tell you from my personal experience, that the days I spent after my Osho Miasto retreats were the epitome of Dolce far niente. The integration days after the wellness retreats were so rewarding. Going for morning walks in nature, exploring quaint medieval towns, enjoying authentic Tuscan dishes.  I also took as many coffee breaks as I could fit in one day!

Living in the Present

In the below picture, I was indulging in the art of doing nothing at the magical Villa di Piazzano, which I will be reviewing on the blog this Tuesday, so stay tuned. It was a beautiful, autumn evening when I decided to spend the afternoon at the hotel connecting with new friends from Osho Miasto and watching the beautiful sunset.

On that evening, I practiced the laid-back Italian way of life to its ultimate level. I enjoyed a dessert with coffee, followed by an apparetif and nibbles and watched as the time went by and it got dark. It was late afternoon when I sat in a secluded area of the hotel’s spacious garden and pitch dark when I left.

It felt surreal to simply live in the present moment, do nothing and truly enjoy the experience!

Whenever you feel like you have too many things on your mind and are being pulled by life’s busyness and stress, I encourage you to practice the Italian art of ‘Dolce far niente’.

dolce far niente


the art of doing nothing

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