Life is Unfolding Perfectly – How to Manifest a New Reality

It’s 6:33 pm. I wanted to write from a cafe and I spent some time thinking of options. Because a couple of the cafes near my villa close early.

After a few minutes of research and looking at Google Maps, I chose to take a Go-Jek to Tamora Gallery.

I walked around before choosing to sit at Lyfe in Bali. I’ve been following then on Facebook for a while and I knew that they hosted regular events that appeal to me.

These days, I try to live as an expression of my soul essence as much as I can. So choosing to have an iced coconut latte and work from here wasn’t a random decision – it was intentional.

At around 6:00 pm, a lady – who seems like the founder of the space – asks me to move tables because they’re hosting a speak-up event at 6:30 pm.

After checking their Facebook events, I discover that it’s a creative writing event! Total synchronicity!

I’m actually sitting on a separate table writing this post and I’m not joining the group for the event. But just the fact of being surrounded by other writers fills my heart with joy. Mainly because the concept of my Synchronicity book project is to follow my soul purpose and live out of my core vibration most of the time.

How to Manifest a New Reality

In previous posts, I shared with you about how I’ve been doing things differently and switching up my routine. Like how I would start my day with a morning trek into central Ubud and a cold pressed juice.

While in Ubud, I was mostly spending the entire day in my active wear. Especially when I was going for a morning trek and then late afternoon yin yoga.

What this means is that I’m leading a completely different lifestyle, where I’m more active and where I plan my schedule around activities and writing.

This is how you can manifest a new life for yourself. You have to change the way you think, act and feel. You need to release the old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Small steps can go a long way and help you co-create with the Universe.

I encourage you to start bringing awareness to your decisions in every single moment of your day. Even small decisions like whether you really need to have your meals at fixed times or if that’s just another part of your conditioning that can go.

Coconut water and Energy Ball for Breakfast

The location of my Canggu Airbnb villa is so cool. It’s near one of my favorite cafes in Canggu and most importantly, right across from a fresh young coconut cart!

This morning, instead of rushing to take a shower and go out for breakfast – like my old/conditioned self would do – I started my day in a magical way.

After a forty-five minute silent meditation session in the villa’s garden, I went across the street to get a fresh coconut (and two bottles of coconut water).

While waiting for the coconut water guy to get the bottles from another place, I knew that there will be new things manifesting.

I waited for a few minutes under the sun. When the guy came back and I paid for my island life breakfast, a couple stopped at the cart to get their coconut water hydration fix.

This was only the first message of the day. As I walked down the small road leading to the villa, I greeted a local Balinese lady with: “Pagi!” which means Good Morning in Bahasa.

She was blessing the homes in the block with the traditional Balinese offering and holy water.

I felt so grateful and blessed when I saw her bless my villa’s front door as well!

This is what living more like a local feels like. I felt aligned with life, the local people and the entire Universe. It feels so magical and divine!

I had a blueberry energy ball from the previous day and I had the perfect breakfast by the pool, under the warm sun and in flow.

I’ll be honest and say that I did stop by for a late breakfast at around 11:00 am. But it was mainly because I was killing time before my hair treatment.

What can I say, I’m a real foodie and I love my proper breakfast!

Before coming to sit at this cafe to write, I passed by an art studio at Tamora Gallery and took some pictures.

What made me stop was the bright red heart that I saw framed on the wall. The art work was spray paintings and the messages behind them filled my heart with gratitude and joy!

I’m going to leave you with the latest synchronicity pictures from my Canggu days.

I’m going to see where my intuition takes me for a light dinner before heading back to my villa.

The next few days will be more active for me, as I find my way around Canggu’s exciting fitness and yoga classes and go for long, afternoon/sunset beach walks.

I encourage you to be mindful with your daily decisions and choices. Step out of comfort and let go of your old identity – it’s not helping you manifest a new reality.







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