Manifestation Monday: Holistic Healing in the Heart of Ubud

It’s the first day of my detox retreat at an Ubud resort and I have a headache.

This is not the type of retreat that you attend with a group of people. I just did some online research for a good detox program in Bali and this one came up.

The daily schedule is full of activities, yoga and healing sessions.

Today was intense, especially since I’m only drinking cold pressed juices every two hours or so. There’s one raw meal at the start of the program (yesterday for dinner) and another one on the last day (for lunch).

As much as I love the concept of releasing the toxins from the body, I’m already considering going for a plant-based dinner tomorrow with a new friend!

The first day started with an hour-long colon cleanse by a licensed nurse. Then, after having my fresh juice, I went for a 90-minute sound healing session at Pyramids of Chi. The wellness place is a three-minute walk from my hotel, which is perfect.

What was different about this sound holistic healing session is the powerful and loud beats and sounds used. It’s also combined with an intention setting guided meditation.

Before, during and after the 90-minute sound healing session, I experienced a series of synchronicities related to my life partner vision. It was truly a magical session.

Two detox juices later, I had my session with a Balinese healer. Swami read my aura and shared with me his thoughts about it before proceeding with a Balinese guided meditation and cleansing ritual. He’s a follower of lord Ganesha and Shiva from India.

I explained to him what I wanted to get out of the session as we went by. I would say the healing effects might show up later and throughout my time in Bali.

What’s interesting is that with each Bali trip, healing comes to me in the most unexpected and magical ways.

While staying at my previous Ubud resort, I was meditating to the sounds of the flowing river each morning. I simply set the intention to let go of my old self and welcome my sensual and soft goddess.

Towards the end of my stay at that resort and specifically on the Wolf Full Moon night, something very powerful happened to assure me that I’m on the path of reconnecting with my sensual and sexual essence.

You can read all about this experience in my upcoming book which I’m writing from Bali these days.

Holistic healing has always been my choice when it comes to releasing old patterns and wounds.

I’m proud to say that in my 39 years of age, I never visited a psychotherapist or psychologist. And I did all the inner work either on my own, with a life coach or at a spiritual group therapy workshop.

Spiritual group therapy includes sharing and talking as well. But it’s not intense like when you keep visiting a therapist and dwelling in the past with each session.

I believe that spiritual work, holistic healing and life coaching make for the best spiritual growth journey.

Leaving you with some pictures from my last hour at The Kayon (the first resort where I stayed) and then some shots from the garden at Pyramids of Chi and the Balinese healer, Swami.

Stay tuned for more synchronicity stories from magical Bali!

Sending you healing love and light all the way from the heart of Ubud jungle!

holistic healing


holistic healing


holistic healing


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