Silent Meditation is a Powerful Manifestation Tool – Try it Today

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I’m feeling very excited about my life these days. I’m at a really good place where I can say that I’m happy and content.

This sense of being didn’t come naturally or show up suddenly in my body and physical reality.

It actually took a little over three years of consistent work on myself using a wide range of healing tools and energy work.

The place where I am now is so rewarding because I feel that my energy has shifted entirely.

In the past week – I was spending time with my father – and we both experienced a lot of positive encounters and synchronicity.

If you’re curious to know more about my healing journey and how I shifted my energy, check out my latest Wellness Wednesday post series.

In these posts, I share with you the tools and resources that helped me the most. I offer step-by-step guidance that’s so simple to follow and apply in your daily life.

Apart from the powerful shifts and positive encounters, I also felt a deep connection with my father. Our time together was flowing and lovely!  You can read more about how I healed my relationship with my dad in this post about my recent Osho Miasto workshops.

Another exciting update is the launch of my Life Coaching company’s website! Soul Collective is one year old and the website has just launched a few days ago!

The concept of Soul Collective includes a membership feature where I can guide you in your manifestation process and offer daily support in the form of mini trainings and other exclusive content. For now, the membership is on hold while I travel and work on another project. For now, you can stay tuned to the news of when the membership is open. You can also get a Free guide on how to attract synchronicity by subscribing!

More about Soul Collective and another upcoming exciting project later. Let me share with you a valuable tool for attracting synchronicity and messages from the Universe.

Having a daily mindfulness practice is important. What’s even more important is being consistent with the practice.

My favorite type of meditation is sitting in silence. It’s how I start each day and it sets the tone for how the rest of the day unfolds.

What’s cool about this practice is that it re-connects you to your intuition and inner guidance system.

When your energy is distracted or focused outwards, you miss out on so many messages from the Universe and your spirit guides.

Practicing silent meditation grounds you and helps re-activate your intuition and connection with the spirit guides.

You can start with five or ten minutes daily and then aim for fifteen to twenty minutes.

I personally do an average of fifteen to twenty minutes of silent meditation each day. Some days, when I feel like I need more time, I take up the practice to thirty minutes. This is entirely based on how you feel and your own body’s needs.

Practicing deep breathing, focusing on the sounds or bodily sensations, bringing awareness to the thoughts and letting them pass without judgment are all things that you can do to take your meditation practice to the next level.

Here’s the secret for enhancing your intuitive abilities: the more you can become aware of the gaps between the thoughts and be present in those moments, the stronger your intuition gets.

This is by far my most powerful tool to re-connect to my spirit guides and attract all sorts of positive encounters and synchronicity.

Give silent meditation a try and let me know how it goes!

silent meditation


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