Manifestation Monday The Universe Wants You to Follow the Breadcrumbs

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I’m back to blogging after a good break. While I was attending two intense healing workshops at Osho Meditation Center in Tuscany, I chose to disconnect from social media and the world.

I actually did a complete detox from social media and using my phone when I visited Osho Miasto last year as well. You can read all about my first experience with this type of healing modality in this post.

Twenty Magical Days With Like-Minded People

This time, I spent twenty magical days diving deep into childhood and teenager wounds. It was great to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. I nourished my body with healthy, vegetarian dishes and real Italian pasta! It was pure bliss.

The abundance of insights and answers I got at this Tuscan sanctuary were life-changing.

Almost every conversation I had with other group participants brought great insight and realizations with it.

It was as if all I needed to do to find the answers is set the intention, be clear about what I want answers for and create the space for things to come into my reality.

I truly believe that the reason last year’s trip didn’t bring such clarity is that at that time, I was still closed off and disconnected from myself and the world. But because I’ve been doing a lot of inner work and trying different healing tools since then, I made space for new things to show up in my reality.

Some of these answers are related to my career as a life coach. Others resonated with my personal and love life. And the rest simply affirmed some of the plans that I already had in mind.

The Universe Provided Healing and Release

I feel so grateful and blessed for all the new friends that I made on this trip. We shared lovely conversations over amazing meals. There were many aha-moments. Most of all, there was healing and release.

As one of the group participants shared with us: “It’s true that our parents didn’t support us in our healing journeys or spiritual path, but at least we have the resources to grow and evolve past the wounds that they have caused us.”

This is one of the beautiful aspects of my healing journey that I like to focus on: the sense of gratitude that I have the tools and resources to shift my energy and create a new reality for myself. While my parents (who are also wounded by their own parents) didn’t really have the opportunity or insight into this work.

I am fortunate enough to be able to break the cycle and create something new and positive for myself.

You Can Start Manifesting Today

Today’s post is an inspiration for you. Become aware of the conversations that you’re having with others. Observe the things that are showing up in your daily life. See everything as a message from the Universe.

Becoming aware of the messages from the Universe is not enough. The next step is to take inspired action in alignment with these messages or signs.

Step out of your comfort zone, do something new, be mindful of the signs and then follow the breadcrumbs.

This is how the Universe works. It may sound simple and straightforward. But many of us are conditioned to do what’s right and not what’s showing up to us and doesn’t make so much sense.

Follow your intuition and your heart. The rest is only a distraction from the path to manifesting your desires.

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