Wellness Wednesday: Create Physical Space for your Desire

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I don’t know about you, but a lot of old wounds and feelings are coming up these days. It’s mainly because of the full moon.

Full moons are always a good time to release old patterns and heal childhood wounds.

Tonight’s full moon is in Gemini and it’s a good time to release what no longer serves you, cut the toxic cords from the past, tune into your intuition and follow its guidance.

You can also set new intentions for what you look for in a partner or review your list and vision board.

For detailed information, check out my full moon and new moon manifestation guide in this post.

I personally will spend some time listening to healing tunes, lighting candles and incense sticks and just looking at the digital vision board that I created a while back on my phone.

Today’s post about how to create physical space explains a very powerful step in healing and clearing old energy and emotions.

I used to always take time to declutter old clothes after getting back from any wellness retreat or workshop.

This practice is essential to let go of the old energy which is stored in your belongings and stuff.

But what’s even more powerful and effective is moving to a new home or bigger space.

The idea behind the need to create physical space is to make space for new, magical things to enter your life.

What happens to all of us is that we may feel stuck at times and that our life is not moving in any direction.

This feeling is normal but when we stay in the same environment and space for tool long, the energy of being stagnant and stuck stays with us.

What helps is changing your space to a new place, where the energy is fresh and flowing.

I remember how great I felt after my recent apartment move and how this shifted my energy and daily routine.

I felt more energized and aligned with life. It was as if everything was flowing and I didn’t have to keep forcing things to happen.

Another important tip apart from changing your home environment is to make physical space for a partner.

What this means is sleeping in a bed which can fit two people instead of one. Living in a one-bedroom apartment instead of a studio (which is exactly what I did).

You can even take this to another level. Buy things in pairs, like having a second toothbrush or a spare towel.

Basically try to have a setup which looks as if your partner is already living with you and sharing your space.

Once you’re in the feeling of being with a partner, manifestation becomes simple and inevitable.

What I encourage you to do is this.  Keep some space in your daily schedule for spending time with your partner.

I just recently started doing this. It feels so good to have some downtime (even if it’s for a few minutes) to simply be.

You don’t have to fill your day with things to do. You can spend a few minutes in the evening to relax, be in your body and chill.

It’s a way of leaving space for new things to come to you and to be manifested in your reality.

I hope you find these tips useful and feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions!

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