Lifestyle Sunday: New Year Intention Setting Tips

It’s December 30, I’m listening to Alan Walker’s powerful song ‘This is me’ and sharing my top tips for new year intention setting with you.

If you’ve been following my social media posts, you’ll know I like to live in the present moment. I don’t like to think of the past or the future (although I do love planning). That’s why I won’t ask you to reflect on the past year, what you did right and what you couldn’t achieve. Instead, let’s focus all of our energy on creating an abundant, joyous and wonderful 2019.

New Year, New Goals

Follow these simple tips for setting new year intentions and believe that you are worthy of the new, beautiful reality that you are creating for yourself. The key to manifesting anything is believing that you are worthy of the manifestation and goal. Another important element is to trust that you will create these goals and make them happen – no room for doubt here.

Write down your goals for 2019

When writing your intentions, make sure to be as specific as you can. Include as many details as you like and use positive language only. Eliminate any negative statements. Another important tip is to write in the present tense as if the goal has already been achieved.

Believe that you are worthy of this new reality

If you have the slightest doubt in yourself, your worthiness of this goal, or the Universe’s ways in bringing that vision to you, then you are sabotaging the manifestation and nothing can be realized.

Take action towards completing these goals

Setting the intention for a new reality without taking any action doesn’t help in manifesting your dreams. Create a clear vision for your new year goals. Trust that the Universe will bring the right situations, individuals and resources to help you along the way.  Remember, you must invest in taking initiative towards your specific goals and desires.

As you take new action, the Universe will present you with more magic to guide your way. This can be in the form of opportunities, individuals or messages that help you get closer to your vision and dream.

New Year Intention Setting Examples

To help you in writing your new year goals, here are some statements from my 2019 goals:

  • I have washboard abs.
  • I’m strong, fit and healthy.
  • I feel energized and I adore completing all my daily to-do-list tasks.
  • I’m a successful, well-known Life Coach and I add value to the community.
  • I’m a published author and my memoir is on the New York Times Best Sellers’ list.
  • I hold a driver’s license and I ride a scooter in Bali, Indonesia.
  • I’m engaged to a kind, loving, emotionally supportive and nurturing man.
  • I’m the star of an award-winning movie about my inspirational life and story.

These are just some ideas of how you can write your New Year intentions list.

I’ll be spending the last day of the year having lunch and coffee with my dad, meditating and writing a clear, definitive intentions list.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous start to the year.

Sending you love and light from my heart XXX

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