Manifestation Monday: Speak it out to the Universe!

Happy Manifestation Monday! Today’s topic is called Speak it Out to the Universe. It is inspired by a personal story which happened sometime in March or April.

I was attending a personal growth workshop about relationships and how to be more conscious in our connections.

The participants came from different backgrounds and there were a few life coaches attending.

I was speaking to one of the ladies – who was a certified life coach. I mentioned that I had just started my own business and I’m in the process of promoting it.

She replied with: “That’s the hard part.”

Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that the language we speak is very important because it turns into physical experiences.

Before I explain this concept in detail, I want to mention that the lady who spoke these words is not an NLP coach. She did her life coach training in a different modality which I don’t remember now. But it wasn’t NLP for sure.

My first thought after she said those words actually was this: “She’s not NLP certified, that’s why she spoke this way.”

What you must understand is that thoughts, words and actions are what create your reality.

NLP Is all about using positive language only when you speak. For example, instead of saying “I can’t wait to attend this workshop.” You should say: “I’m so excited and looking forward to joining the workshop!”

Speaking in positive language only takes practice and bringing awareness to your words before they come out of your mouth.

The reason this lady’s words were very disturbing to my ears is because I didn’t expect them to come from a certified life coach. If I was speaking to a normal person, then my expectations for them won’t be too high.

But when speaking to a certified life coach – at a personal growth workshop – I naturally have higher expectations.

Whatever words you choose to speak, you are sending a message to the Universe to deliver to you based on what you said.

This is because thoughts, words and actions transform into physical reality.

I can talk about thoughts in a different post, but for now, I want to focus on the language and words you use daily.

This concept applies to manifestation too. If you think or say that manifestation is hard, then it will be.

The Universe will take your words: “Manifestation is hard” and will deliver to you a reality that matches these words.

This means that the manifestation process will be super slow and “hard” as long as that’s what you believe, think and say to yourself and others.

Instead of using the word “hard”, you can say: “challenging”. Because with challenge comes growth and learning.

Of course it’s best to avoid saying that anything is hard or challenging, but if you must communicate this to someone, then you can use the word: challenging.

The thing is, even if promoting a new business and getting clients is challenging, constantly talking about this aspect doesn’t make it any less hard or difficult. In fact, you are giving that aspect more power than it deserves.

Think of it as setting something in stone when it not necessarily is that way!

Life is flowing and dynamic. Things are constantly moving and changing. When you add a negative description to something, you are labeling it in a way. This doesn’t serve you or the outcome you want to create. The Universe delivers what you ask.

I encourage you to start practicing using positive language only when you speak.

Try it for one day and tell me how things have shown up for you in that specific day.

This tip works miracles if you truly believe in it and practice it regularly.

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