Wellness Wednesday: You are a Creator – not a Victim

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Inspiration for this post came from a recent DM that I received on my Instagram.

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Life

The lady who sent the message told me how she admires my soul and bravery. She also added that she wishes that she could leave her country to live a normal life overseas. She ended the message by saying that she regrets that she didn’t leave.

I still have that message in my Instagram DM inbox. If I wanted to, I could give you the exact words that she used in her message. I’m making an intentional choice not to go back and read that message. I will explain to you why in this post.

To put things in context, I sent her two replies. I explained how I only left home for good at 29 and how it’s never late to change your life. I also informed her of my life coaching services and how she can book a session or a package online.

Needless to say, I didn’t hear back and that person is not following my Instagram page. I’m not surprised.

In my recent Manifestation Monday post, I explained the idea of being a co-creator with the Universe.

This concept ties strongly with today’s topic. When you are operating from a victim mindset – like that lady in the Instagram DM story – you are basically giving your power away.

Lose Your Victim Mindset

Her words (which are stemming from her limiting thoughts) are conveying a message that she is hopeless and stuck.

Honestly, when I read the message, the first thought that came to my mind was that she’s on her death-bed and is about to die of a terminal illness. I know this sounds extreme and cruel but that’s exactly the vibe that her words emitted.

No matter what adversity you’ve faced in your life, remember that you are not a victim of your life situation or circumstances.

You can always make different choices and take better decisions to enhance your life and change what you don’t like.

By taking simple, baby steps each day, you will eventually create a better reality for yourself.

I can understand if she can’t leave the country for whatever reason. However, I’m sure that there are other steps and decisions which she can take to change her current reality.

It all starts with mindset. Today’s topic is purely NLP-related and that’s what I’m certified in as a life coach.

Your Thoughts Are Powerful

Our thoughts (which are 95% unconscious and programmed) ultimately create our reality.

When we are attached to our narrative (the story we continue to repeat in our heads about who we are and what happened to us in the past), we give it more power and re-create the same limiting situations (only now in the present).

That lady’s example is an extreme case of victim mindset. Not only is she operating from a victim mindset, she also doesn’t have the self-awareness that she is living out of that debilitating state.

The first step to step out of victimhood is to bring awareness to our thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Our thoughts determine our reality. Because they are a pre-requisite to our behaviors and eventually create our reality.

Today, start to observe your thoughts and the narrative that’s being repeated in your head.

What is Your Story?

What kind of story are you telling yourself every day? Is it limiting or expanding?

Are your internal words stemming from fear or love? Are they focused on lack or abundance?

Continue observing and paying attention to your thoughts. Acknowledge the fact that the majority of these thoughts are unconscious programs from your childhood and be mindful of what you can think to yourself instead.

So the next time you get a self-limiting thought, realize that it’s just a program and then let it go and replace it with a positive, uplifting thought.

The reason that I choose to not refer to that lady’s message while writing this post is that I don’t want to give more power to negative and self-sabotaging words and thoughts.

I can’t highlight to you enough the importance of your words and the language that you use to speak with.

Every single word that you say holds so much power in creating things in the physical world.

By saying the word ‘regret’ in her message, she is simply emphasizing and giving power to her victim mindset and situation and making it even more permanent!

I understand that we are all at different stages in our paths and I don’t mention this story to judge or minimize anyone.

I just felt that it was a perfect example of the mindset which will lead to a life of misery and lack.

Let’s step out of the victim mindset and what happened to us in the past and take a leap into creator mode.

Next Week’s Topic

In next week’s Wellness Wednesday post, I will give some tips on how you can transform any setback into an opportunity for growth and expansion.

If you’re reading this, then most likely you already have a positive outlook and creator mindset.

The reason is simple: your vibe attracts your tribe. My tribe consists of those who are always investing in personal and spiritual growth and development. They have a high sense of self-awareness and are ready to do the work to get to the next level of their evolution.

The lady who sent me that ‘victim mindset’ DM is not following my Instagram account. When you are emitting light that’s so bright, others who are still in the darkness will stay away from you.

That’s why, as you evolve and grow, many people might leave your life. Let them go and continue with your inner work and evolution.

Looking forward to this Saturday’s full moon ritual! have your manifestation lists or letters ready and see you on my Instagram story for another powerful manifestation ritual!


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  • Lana says:

    Wow..what a story..thank you Nada..although I’m a brave women in general but still I always learn something new from your writings..you wrote “When you are emitting light that’s so bright, others who are still in the darkness will stay away from you” and this sentence opened my mind and heart to something new that I should work on..i really do stay away from some people or circumstances unconsciously, and now I realized that I was running away from my weakness towards these people..i will definitely work on this..

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Hi Lana,
      Thank you for the positive feedback. The truth is we attract souls who match our vibration. The reason that we’re connected is because your vibration and mindset matches mine! I look forward to seeing you soon and understanding your statement more. B.t.w. I was laughing at something you said which is related to the victim mindset. LOL.
      I will tell you what it is when we meet 🙂 Take care of yourself and see you on the 25th! XXX

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