Your Daily Emotional Frequency: How to Activate the Vibration of Joy

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I’m feeling so much gratitude these days for the simple things in life. Because this vibration is so important for manifesting any desire, I decided to dedicate a post about emotional frequency.

Many of us were conditioned to choose sadness over joy. Pain and suffering over peace. Apathy over gratitude.

Some of us took over these negative emotions from our parents, because that’s what kids do.

So, we went on our lives vibrating on the lowest of frequencies and attracting experiences that match exactly that.

While what happened to us in the past is not our fault. Healing and shifting our state of being certainly is.

As adults, we must take responsibility for changing what no longer serves us and what stands in our way of living a fulfilling and happy life.

As with manifesting material things like a new home, car, job or relationship, you can manifest specific circumstances too.

When you try to adjust your emotional frequency and manifest a vibration of joy and happiness, keep in mind these three tips:

  1. Look back at happy, good memories that you had in the past. These can be fun times that you had with a friend or a joke that someone shared with you one day. It can be something very simple and small, but has a powerful joy vibration attached to it. Think back and cherish those happy moments. This instantly uplifts and elevates your mood.
  2. Get excited for future projects and activities. Again, this can be simple things like visiting the pool or beach, catching up with a good friend or even trying a new recipe. When you have something fun to look forward to, you feel good about yourself and your life. This is why I encourage you to constantly try new things and explore your hobbies and interests. There’s always something new to learn, check out or to turn into a hobby and passion.
  3. Practice gratitude for the present moment. While looking back at past good memories and anticipating new, exciting ones is great. The easiest and fastest way to activate high vibrations and feelings of joy and fulfillment is by being grateful for the present. Look at all the amazing things that you have in your life and count your blessings. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have (for example, being single), focus on the gift of physical and mental health (that many people don’t have).

I will end the post with a simple example from my life.

These days, I like to have coffee with sugar-free tonic water. When I make this drink at home, I add a few drops of a lemon-flavored, zero calorie sweetener.

I noticed that when I get this drink at the coffee shop, they add a slice of lemon. And because I’ve been adding lime to my food recently, I don’t have any lemon at home.

So, I’m so excited to get some lemons when I go grocery shopping tomorrow to add them to my coffee drink for a more fresh taste.

And this thought truly activates feelings of joy and happiness in my body!

It can be a very simple and basic thing that brings you joy and good feelings. It’s all about how you perceive everything in your reality.

And remember, when you are vibrating on a high emotional frequency, you attract everything that matches that energy towards you.

Start practicing all three tips and watch your desires come to you! Follow me on Instagram and tell me what you have manifested.

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  • Latreil says:

    I love your tips! We should always remember the little things that bring us joy, like your lemon ?. I didn’t realize that I was activating joy in these ways also. Thanks for sharing!

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