Law of Attraction Tip: What you focus on Expands. Choose Wisely.

Happy Manifestation Monday! Today’s topic on the Law of Attraction is one that I always talk about because of how important it is, especially when it comes to manifesting.

There’s an NLP concept that says: What you focus on, expands.

What this basically means is that whatever energy you choose to focus your thoughts on, is exactly what you will attract into your reality.

Let’s say you’re single and you want to manifest a life partner. You wake up thinking to yourself: “another day of waking up alone and being single.”

By thinking in this way, you are focusing on the lack of having a lover or life partner. And because like attracts like, you will only attract more of this single status of yours into your future.

Another good example is why I wasn’t sharing much about my past in my Instagram stories. When I choose to talk about my past negative experiences, I only give these thoughts more power and attention. If I’m not careful with how I share, I could be re-creating these past negative experiences in my present.

Manifestation is the process of turning energetic thoughts, feelings and ideas into physical reality.

This is exactly why I avoided talking about my past or sharing my personal story for the longest time.

When I share some stories now, I do it because I want to help you understand how I got from where I was to where I am now.

I share with you the transformation that I went through to show you that it’s possible and doable.

The main reason why you are re-creating your past life situations is because you are still thinking in the same way as you did in the past!

You need to start by observing your thought patterns and changing them to match the new life that you want to create for yourself.

The simplest way to do this is by practicing gratitude. When you are in the vibration of gratitude, you can easily attract more good things to you. Manifestation becomes so easy and effortless from the state of gratitude and joy.

Start by writing in a gratitude journal every day for three months. This practice literally changed me and my life.

Once you’re in the habit of gratitude, you will begin noticing the small things in your life that you would usually take for granted.

Simple things like having a place to stay, warm/clean water in the shower, healthy food, a nice cup of coffee or tea. This list goes on.

We are truly blessed beyond measure to be alive and healthy.

Whenever you find yourself focusing on the lack of anything, remind yourself of your blessings.

And remember that you become a magnet to your desires when you vibrate on gratitude and joy.

I will end this post with an advanced law of attraction tip.

When you are visualizing or thinking of any desire that you want to have in your life, give more power to the manifestation process by feeling gratitude while you think of your desire.

This is a great tip for you to attract your vision to you even faster.

I hope that you’re having an awesome week so far and stay tuned for the next Wellness Wednesday blog post!


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