How to Attract Synchronicity & Signs from the Universe

Happy Manifestation Monday! Would you like to learn how to attract synchronicity and signs from the Universe?

I just got back from a surreal trip in Sicily, Italy.

Unlike my usual wellness trips, this one was purely for pleasure and to escape the Dubai heat for a while.

Attracting Synchronicity

What was magical about this island getaway is the amount of synchronicity and messages from the Universe that were everywhere!

Wherever I looked, I saw heart shapes and the word ‘Love’!

The signs showed up as cool graffiti on the walls of ancient Sicilian towns, printed words on graphic T-shirts and kind, supportive gestures from random strangers.

Before I share these signs with you, I would like to share with you the main things that I did to attract this powerful synchronicity.

The key to living in alignment with the Universe and seeing evidence that your manifestation is on its way is to expand your soul.

Living in Alignment

You need to do new things, step out of comfort and switch up your routine.

The main idea is to do things differently to attract synchronicity and signs from the Universe.

Here’s a list of the things that I did to attract the magical messages in my recent trip to Sicily:

  • I took a different airline for the first time since moving to Dubai in 2010. I usually fly Emirates, but the flights to Sicily are with Fly Dubai, which is also in collaboration with Emirates airlines.
  • I spent time at a different Business Class Lounge at Dubai International airport. I’ve been to two different Business Class Lounges at Dubai airport in the past. This time, I had a choice of two lounges and I went to the one which I’ve never been to.
  • It was my first time to Sicily and so my first time to fly to Catania airport.
  • Since I love island life and vibes, I used to always visit Bali. This time, I chose to visit an island in Italy – which is a completely new and different energy.
  • I didn’t book any wellness retreat as I normally do in my trips. I left space for new things to unfold.
  • Since I’m on a healing journey, I naturally attracted situations and people which supported this process.
  • Because I had been doing soul mate full moon manifestation rituals since February of this year, I attracted evidence that my manifestation is on its way to me.
  • Instead of researching my destination and planning my itinerary in advance, I chose to go with the flow and take inspired action.
  • I followed my intuition and the recommendations from the people who I encountered during my trip. This is how you take inspired action instead of forcing things to happen.

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Sending you love and light through these messages from Sicily…

P.S. There were more love messages in my magical trip but I couldn’t take pictures of everything for privacy reasons.

Enjoy this photo series of my favorite ones…



























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  • Armando says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Sicily is a very warm island, full of love and history. In addition to its inhabitants, very hospitable and smiling.

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