How to Speed up the Magical Manifestation Process

Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate! Would you like to learn how to speed up the manifestation process?

I’m loving how I get to work from cafes this week and how it’s mostly quiet since a lot of people are on holiday.

I personally don’t celebrate Eid or any other religious holiday, but I completely respect other people’s choices.

Speeding Up the Manifestation Process

Let’s get straight into today’s topic because I feel that it’s a shortcut to the manifestation process that everyone should start applying!

Honestly, it felt like a light bulb went up in my head when I discovered this tip from a podcast that I listen to.

Basically, the lady spoke about how she manifested meeting her husband and how a series of ‘bad’ incidents led to it.

If you’re an alpha woman, then you know what I’m talking about. We must admit that we like to always be in control of our lives and everything around us.

The thing is, we were conditioned in a way that made us this way.

We are strong, resilient, independent, smart, totally self-reliant and so powerful.

These traits are great to have, but when we become so rigid and straightforward in our thoughts and habits, we miss out on the surprises that the Universe has in store for us.

This is when the concept of taking inspired action becomes so important in our manifestation process.

Taking Inspired Action

Taking inspired action is all about following your intuition and gut feeling at each moment of your day.

While taking striving action is all about logic and being rational, inspired action involves doing what feels right at any specific moment of your day.

Another thing about our conditioning is that we were raised to always do what’s right, whether we feel like it or not.

While this advise is wonderful and amazing for being a successful and high-achieving person, it’s the complete opposite of taking inspired action!

Because what might be the right and wise thing to do is not necessarily aligned with the flow of the Universe.

Inspired action is all about moving with the flow of life and the Universe. It involves trusting in your inner guidance and following its voice and hints.

When something feels right, you should do it even if your mind thinks it’s not right. That’s where your deepest desires live.

Follow Your Intuition

When you follow your intuition and heart space, you begin to attract synchronicity everywhere you go. And this basically attracts more blessings and signs into your reality.

When you constantly feel that the Universe is by your side, protecting you, sending you messages, you start to vibrate at a higher frequency and this attracts more good stuff into your life.

Once you feel good about yourself and your life, you can start to flow instead of try to force things.

Taking inspired action feels easy and natural. Taking striving action feels uphill and hard.

So, the next time you feel that you’re trying to force something or control a situation, remind yourself that it’s just your old programming and that you have a choice to take different action or wait until the moment is right.

Trust the Universe

And the next time something goes wrong, trust that this is the Universe directing you to realizing your desires.

Let things flow, trust the process, be open to receiving support and kindness from others and follow your intuition.

We all have desires and wishes that we want to see manifest. Taking inspired action is the magical shortcut to realizing your dreams.

The more you follow your intuition and taking action based on your gut feeling, the more things start lining up for you.

I invite you to practice taking inspired action from this moment. Do what feels right, not what’s logical or rational.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post – it’s another topic related to our conditioning and how we can start to do things differently.

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