Wellness Wednesday: Your Perception Creates Your Reality

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today’s post covers one of the basic NLP concepts and that’s: Perception is Projection.

Perception is Projection

Many times, we encounter those individuals who have a very pessimistic and negative view about everything in life.

They take pleasure in telling you that your plan is horrible, your dreams are bound for failure and that you will not make anything that you want to happen in this lifetime!

My father is actually one of these people. The truth is they are just projecting their own insecurities, fears, negative past experiences and mind-identified approach to life onto you.

This is why you shouldn’t take anyone’s words or opinions personally.

What any individual is doing is simply communicating their personal experience, perspective or vibration. Which might be flawed and toxic.

Perception is Projection is a powerful NLP tool that you can start applying to your daily life.

Where Does Their Opinion Come From?

The next time someone tells you that your plan is not going to work out, think about where their opinion is coming from.

Who is this person? What are their values? Are these aligned with mine? What is their life purpose? What’s their intention behind this comment or opinion?

Most of the time, the person is going through their own internal struggle of trying to figure out their soul/life purpose and their position in this world.

Many times, they are just projecting onto you their own failures, limiting beliefs and strong fears.

Trust that you can follow your intuition at all times and that it will guide you to the right decision at any time.

You don’t have to take anyone’s thoughts or opinions for truth, analyze them or overthink them.

Ask for Their Intention

At times when you feel like you need someone’s opinion about a specific topic, always ask for their intention behind their feedback or comment.

Each one of us is walking their own path and are at a different stage. What might feel like an exciting project or idea for you, can be someone else’s failed business or plan.

Just stay in your high vibrations at all times, focus on your personal growth and send these individuals (who like to say negative and destructive things) love and compassion.

That’s it for today. I wish you a lovely weekend. Stay tuned to my Instagram stories and page for more NLP, advanced law of attraction and manifestation tips!


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