Wellness Wednesday: Finding New Activities & Hobbies that Nourish your Soul

I just spent the past 90 minutes researching Bali villas online, instead of writing this post about finding new activities. Sometimes, we get distracted but all great things must come with hard work and effort. If we take simple steps towards our goal the Universe will help us with the rest.

At least that’s what always worked for me in the past. Focus your energy, time and attention on the desired outcome, and take the first small steps. Trust that the Universe will guide your way along the journey.

Last week’s Wellness Wednesday post was about the importance of observing our self-talk and inner dialogue. This is a very powerful way to change your reality and manifest a more positive one. But, it requires practice. It took me a couple of months to let go of the negative and cruel things that I was telling myself in my thoughts.

Finding New Activities & Hobbies

Today’s topic is inspired by my personal life. At 38 years of age, I’m still finding new activities and exploring my passions.  In fact, since moving to Dubai in April of 2010, I’ve tried out many different group activities and classes.

The most recent example of finding new activities was developing an obsession with the dance workout Zumba. I practiced that on and off for a period of five years. This activity wasn’t sustainable for many reasons. The most important was that I injured my knee cartilage after a fourteen-day challenge. The personal and spiritual growth that I gained from engaging with that all-women group was priceless though.

Today, I was reflecting about the amount of time that has passed since I last joined a group activity or community. It’s been nine months since my knee injury. I’ve had numerous physiotherapy sessions and I’m now back in training with a professional personal trainer, who shares my values and work ethics.

Having parents who don’t support or encourage activities, hobbies or sports, can make it difficult when finding new activities. This behavior becomes automatically programmed into your subconscious mind. It’s how the brain works and that’s ultimately the process of the conditioned mind.

That’s why, it becomes vital for those of us who didn’t have supportive/positive childhood experiences to invest more energy in finding new activities and exploring our hobbies, interests and passions.

Start Controlling your Destiny Today

This morning, a thought came into my mind and I tweeted:

“There is nothing holding you back right now, apart from your own limited/conditioned mind.”

It’s a reminder for all of us that, as adults, we are in complete control of our destiny and current life situation. Since moving away from home in the summer of 2009, nothing and no one has prevented me from finding new activities and exploring my interests and hobbies. The only limitation that I have is created purely from within – aka my conditioned and subconscious mind.

Reprogramming Your Conditioned Mind

So, you may be asking. How do I reprogram my conditioned mind to take control of my thoughts, behaviors and emotions? Well, you need to  master the conscious mind (the side which we can control) and give it orders to do things differently.

The next time you feel stuck, discouraged or demotivated to get up from the couch to attend a group exercise class, explore a new fitness activity or try out a new hobby, remember this. You must take new positive action to make changes in your thinking and eventually your life.

I already tried a new practice which I liked and I plan to go back this Saturday. I also plan to attend different yoga and meditation sessions and see which ones I like most to commit to.

The beauty is that we have the power to continuously evolve and grow as individuals. That despite our negative and toxic childhood experiences, we have the ability to re-build ourselves and re-invent our souls. All it takes is intention, determination and patience.

Wishing you a peaceful and inspiring weekend.

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