Travel Tuesday: How to Switch up Your Routine to Manifest Faster

.Happy Tuesday! I feel very grateful and blessed for all the flow and alignment that I’m experiencing these days.

It’s like each moment is perfect just the way it is.

I wrote a Manifestation Monday blog post yesterday about how I healed my childhood wounds and patterns purely in a holistic way.

The blessings and natural healing opportunities continued with an evening restorative yoga class, where the teacher asked us about the type of practice we want to have.

Of course, because this trip is all about synchronicity – and because there were only two of us in the class – the other student asked for a hip opener. And I requested a practice which is focused on embracing softness and our feminine essence.

You can imagine how the class unfolded after that. The entire practice was aimed to help us connect to our creativity, divine feminine essence and sensuality. Simply magical!

While sitting here to type these words from one of my favorite Ubud cafes – Kafe – I crossed paths with someone from the Osho tantra group that I recently did in Miasto. A reminder from the Universe that I’m living in alignment with my higher self and soul essence. I feel grateful for these types of synchronistic encounters.

How to Switch up your Routine to Manifest Faster

Today was day two of my juice detox retreat. I’m glad I survived day one and am still alive!

The juices are pure, fresh, cold-pressed with some water or coconut water. So they are very light and really help flush the system of toxins. Despite that, I chose to break the strict juice diet. I had a normal lunch at noon today. Two coconut iced lattes and a date and sesame energy ball!

But that’s not the routine switch that I want to talk to you about in this post.

What I did differently today was go on a morning trek from the resort to central Ubud with my camera and laptop.

I was planning to go on the 9:45 am trek from the day that I checked in. But because I didn’t know that we would be walking all the way to central Ubud (and hour and twenty minutes), my plan was to go back to the resort for a shower, get some work done on my laptop and then take the 2:00 pm shuttle bus into town.

When I went to the front office before the walk, the lady at reception told me I can stay in town if I wanted to. She said it in a way which made me feel like it’s my spirit guides communicating with me through her!

It felt like a strong message from the Universe. I should just stay in town and work from there.

Here’s how I shook things up and stepped out of my comfort zone. This can help you manifest magical messages from the Universe.

I was planning to take a shower after the morning walk. However I chose to skip that part and just stay in town.

I was walking the entire one hour and twenty or thirty minute walk carrying my laptop and my FujiFilm camera.

I was really hot and sunny this morning in Ubud – 30 degrees. So I’m glad that I got to top up my tan but I’m now very sweaty – with sweat marks on my leggings earlier!

I’m sharing all these details to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do things in a new way.

As soon as we arrived into town, I headed to my favorite Ubud lunch spot. I ordered food – real food! Not only a juice.

It felt good to have a meal after an entire day of drinking cold-pressed juices, healthy shots and coconut water.

I honestly enjoyed the morning trek so much that I plan to do it for the rest of my stay in Ubud. Except for tomorrow when I’ll be having my second colon cleanse!

Along the way to central Ubud, I saw a series of synchronicity messages from the Universe, including three or more hearts on the ground! I didn’t take a picture of all but I’ll be taking more picture in the next few days, so stay tuned.

For now, I encourage you to switch up your routine and do things outside of your comfort zone.

That’s the secret to attracting synchronicity so you can manifest faster!

You can also download my Free Guide to attracting synchronicity by subscribing to my Soul Collective mailing list.

Stay tuned for more magical synchronicity stories from the heart of Ubud, Bali!



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