Canggu in Bali: Saudi Diva’s Expert Travel Guide

Canggu BaliCanggu in Bali is my favorite area on the mystical island. It has an original blend of laid-back surfer/healthy living and a cool nightlife scene. So basically it’s not as hippie as Ubud and not as commercial as its neighboring Seminyak.

Why Canggu in Bali?

Canggu, a coastal town in the south of the island, offers a laid-back lifestyle that’s not as hippy as Ubud and far less commercial than its neighbouring Seminyak. Canggu is a relaxed surfing village with a lush rice field setting. Organic cafes and restaurants line its main road, Batu Bolong. There’s a strong positive/healing energy at this town, and an interesting nightlife scene for those times when you feel like dancing by the ocean. And I mean literally by the ocean!

Where to Stay at Canggu in Bali

For somewhere high-end with authentic Indonesian decor and vibes, check into boutique hotel Tugu Bali. Another relatively new boutique hotel option is the super cool and hipster The Slow. Located just a few minutes walking distance from the beach, this is the perfect place to get yourself started with those surf lessons. If you asked me where I would stay again, it would have to be The Slow. This is mainly because I feel that the hotel’s concept matches my personality. With live music from an LA-based radio station playing in the rooms, excellent food at the restaurant, friendly service and a terrace with a stunning sunset view, this has to be my top Canggu hotel recommendation.

Where to Eat at Canggu in Bali

Veda cafe is a great organic and healthy cafe perfect for lunch, weekend breakfast or a simple coffee or smoothie break. Everything on their menu is clean, healthy and very tasty. Another authentic cafe on Batu Bolong road is Japanese Koi. They have a wide selection of salads and main courses that you can choose from to create your own dish for lunch. It’s a good sushi spot too!
La Brisa is a cool new beachside restaurant and cafe with a pool and cool interiors. Head there for beautiful Echo Beach sunset views and chilled weekend vibes.

What to do at Canggu in Bali

Canggu in Bali is a surfer’s paradise, so take lessons if you’re new to surfing. I took lessons at one trip, and I’d like to try again. What I like to do is jog along the black shores of Echo beach and stop for smoothie or coconut water breaks.
If you feel like going out, then I would start with great Mexican at Lacalita bar and restaurant. You could follow this by dancing to urban tunes at Old Man’s. For those who want to keep partying until the late hours, Rock Bar offers a unique night out dancing along the waves of the ocean to the coolest old school and latest hits.
Another relaxed spot for a day by the pool is Panama Kitchen and Pool. It’s a cozy space serving great food and ideal for those lazy days when you just want to lounge by the pool or be silly with friends and family.
For yogis and wellness seekers, The Practice is a yoga studio located on the main road. Make sure to check their monthly schedule for a list of the activities, community events and workshops that they host.

Where to get Work Done at Canggu in Bali

If you’re a digital nomad – like me – and are looking for a good co-working space with excellent Wi-Fi and other facilities, then Dojo Bali is the place for you. The very spacious and airy venue is a great place for networking and they host regular events and social activities.
For those times when you don’t feel like networking or meeting anyone, Balifornia Republic is the place to be. I warn you, this place can be highly addictive! In my last trip, I came across this super cool California-inspired cafe while in the car with my Indonesian friend Ceria. Since our first five-hour visit, I kept going back whenever I wanted to blog or get work done!
Another thing that’s addictive at this chilled, retro surfer haunt is the tempeh bowl! So good!
There you have it, an original guide to Canggu in Bali and its best places and things to do.

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