Manifestation Monday: Allow Life to Unfold Organically

Happy Manifestation Monday! A big part of my old, conditioned self that I released at Osho Miasto in Italy wanted to control everything. I didn’t allow life to unfold naturally.

Wanting to Be in Control

Because of my negative childhood experiences and family conditioning, I grew up into an adult who always wants to be in control.

I was always persistent in everything that I did, wasn’t tuned into my intuition and would force things even when the signs told me to let go.

I was the go-getter, the girl who makes things happen, the alpha woman.

Today, I still take baby steps towards my goals each day. But I don’t force anything. I take inspired action. I allow life to unfold and if the signs show me a different way, I listen.

It’s actually more fun this way. It feels so good to live in alignment with the Universe and its divine messages.

The Universe Supports Us

The truth is, we are always supported by the Universe. Things are always happening FOR us. And manifesting our desires is inevitable.

When this manifestation process takes longer than it should, it’s because we are creating resistance by trying to force things, ignoring the signs or focusing on the lack of that desire.

The easiest and fastest way to tap into this flow and allowing state is to think, act and live as if you already have your desire.

If you had a life partner or lover, would you be feeling down because you don’t have one?

Would you be thinking of creative and new ways to look for ‘the one’?

Could you find yourself focusing on the fact that you are alone and single?

Would you be leading a very busy lifestyle which leaves no space for love or down time?

I’m certain that if you thought deeply about the above questions, you would discover that you’re not yet fully trusting or surrendering to the idea that your desire is on its way.

Live the Life You Want

You can make a list of the things that you would do if you had a partner and start integrating them into your daily life.

Some of these can include activities like travel, being more active, going to the beach or for walks in nature.

Simply start living a fulfilling life that resembles the soul mate vision that you have for yourself.

In next week’s Manifestation Monday post, I will give you tips for stepping into your feminine essence.

Have a lovely day and week ahead!

allow life to unfold


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