Soulmate Manifestation : Live as an Expression of your Core Vibration

Happy Manifestation Monday! Today, I want to share with you a simple tip to manifest your dream partner. Each one of us has a core vibration or personal value that reflects our soul essence.

You can find out what that main vibration is for you by paying attention to the things that light you up.

Do you enjoy travel? dancing? being your own boss? creating? if this sounds like you, then your top value is freedom.

When doing things that help you vibrate on that energy, you naturally attract desires with ease and flow.

You must be thinking: “well it’s easy to talk about this topic, but not so easy to apply it in real life.”

Real Life Application

I totally get you and I feel you. Because as an entrepreneur, I find that I’m constantly fighting to do more of what lights up my soul.

I love creating content, blogging, posting to social media and managing my time as I wish.

But then there’s another side to being a life coach. This involves planning ahead, trying out different strategies to get clients, understanding marketing and sales. All the other serious things that come with starting a business.

Since my core vibration is freedom and playfulness (my Sanyasin name Leela means cosmic play and laughter), I don’t really live as an expression of this vibration every moment of my day.

Ideally, to manifest faster, I would fully immerse myself in the vibration of freedom, playfulness and laughter.

But because of my entrepreneurial life demands, this seems impossible.

What I can do is create a balance between my core vibration and the others that I find myself in when I’m working.

This looks like spending my mornings researching new travel destinations while listening to high vibration music.

I honestly do this every day without even thinking about it or doing it to write this blog post!

It’s just natural for me to start my day in a light way and take advantage of being an entrepreneur.

If I wanted to take this application to another level, I would take breaks to dance while playing really high vibration tunes.

I must admit that I sometimes do that when there’s a really good song on the radio!

Live out of your Core Vibration

If you were to get one thing out of this post, then it’s to start living your life as an expression of your core vibration as much as you can. Try to steal moments out of your busy schedule and serious lifestyle to do something that lights up your soul.

This can be anything as simple as researching a new travel destination and listening to uplifting, high vibe music.

What I want you to do is to stop making excuses for yourself for why you can’t move forward in your manifestation process.

There’s always a way to get closer to your soulmate vision, no matter how busy or loaded your life is.

Start by exploring your soul’s main vibration by following your interests and see where that takes you.

If you need any support with connecting to your core vibration or authentic self, feel free to contact me on this page or follow me on Instagram and send me a DM with your story. I would love to hear from you!

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