Practical Tips for Embracing your Feminine Essence

Happy Manifestation Monday! It’s 9:22 am, I’m starting my day with writing a blog post about feminine essence because it’s a topic that I’m very passionate about these days!

Before I tell you more, are you guys feeling the powerful energy shift this December?

Since the start of this month, I’ve had countless encounters come up helping me shift old patterns and beliefs!

The incidents were so specific to my old patterns and unconscious programs and I’m in so much gratitude for all of this!

Basically, I’ve had the opportunity to practice most of the main things that I’ve been working on from setting clear boundaries, to feeling that I’m good enough to speaking my truth and connecting to my emotions.

It’s all coming to the surface and ready to be healed for good!

I truly hope that you’re making the most of this powerful energy and acting in a way that breaks these old patterns.

This is how you can make the shift and move closer to your authentic or future self

As I write this post, I’m listening to this lovely, chilled out tune which is relevant to today’s topic.

I also just applied a fabulous honey lip scrub in a conscious effort to do one feminine thing each day.

Let me explain. If you were raised by a strong, independent alpha woman and were taught to be brave, strong and independent in an extreme way (think I don’t need anyone, I can handle this, I can open the door for myself, I can do everything on my own), then this post is for you.

Until recently, I struggled to connect to my soft, feminine side. Part of it is related to the fact that I’m the youngest of three girls and my mother wanted a boy (this is what I discovered when doing energy work). So unconsciously, I’m trying to please my mother by being a tomboy (and acting like one). I know, this is very deep stuff.

The good news is that there are practical ways to shift this!

If you can’t make a trip to one of Osho meditation centers and kill your alpha woman (which is what I did in one dynamic meditation session) – it felt so good to let her go – then you can still create your own personal rituals at home and re-ignite the beautiful goddess within you!

So the truth is, like with everything else in your healing journey, you have to start by making a conscious effort to change old patterns. Then with time, it becomes so natural and effortless.

Here are my top practical tips for re-connecting to your feminine essence (which you can do at any time of the day, but I prefer evenings or at the end of your day):

  • Dance, move your body, step out of your mind.
  • Go for mindful walks in nature or even in your neighborhood.
  • Spend time at the beach or pool.
  • Get a massage or spend a day at the spa.
  • Do your own home spa treatment by using a body scrub, applying lotion and massaging your body.
  • Spend around five or six hours in ‘doing’ and the rest in ‘non-doing’.
  • Listen to mantra or healing meditation music and focus on mindfulness.
  • Have an evening meditation practice. This can be any type of mediation that you choose to do.
  • Practice allowing, surrendering and trusting. Instead of chasing, manipulating or being desperate. Check out this post about allowing life to unfold naturally.
  • Include playfulness in your daily routine. Do something fun and exciting.
  • Have a bath instead of a shower or soak your body in a hot tub or Jacuzzi.
  • Work on deepening your current female friendships. Connect on a deeper level, get to know them more, nurture the friendships that you already have.
  • Invest time and energy in bonding with your female tribe. This is an essential tip for manifesting a lover or partner. I will talk about it in more detail in the next Manifestation Monday blog post.
  • Buy a new dress or skirt and start wearing more feminine clothes.
  • Practice being vulnerable with others who make you feel safe, seen and heard.
  • Light up candles or incense sticks. I do this every evening and it creates a sacred space and beautiful energy.
  • If you enjoy cooking, that’s a cool thing to connect to your creative and expressive side.
  • Attend an evening yoga or meditation class.
  • Read spiritual or personal growth books about the topic.
  • Travel and express your divine feminine energy through exploring new destinations and having fun adventures.
  • Create me-time slots in your daily schedule. This is time for you to do something that you truly enjoy. For me, it’s as simple as going to a cafe and catching up on messages or reading a book.
  • Connect with your Hara (Sacral Chakra) by placing both hands on the area and breathing into the chakra. This is your emotional center and it can be blocked when you experience trauma or abuse. This is a simple exercise to re-balance the energy in that chakra and clear blocks.
  • Practice ‘being’ instead of the constant ‘doing’ and chasing.
  • Ground your energy with meditation or any other favorite way. Feeling centered and grounded is essential for re-connecting with your feminine essence.

When trying out any of the above practices, make sure to set the intention that you want to embrace and re-connect with your inner goddess and wise woman. It gives the whole practice more power and energy.

Remember that you’re not creating anything or making an effort. All you’re doing is acknowledging that part of you which already exists. So don’t approach it as you would a task. Look at it more like a natural flow to your healing journey. Stepping into your divine feminine essence and embracing it. Softening. That’s all!

Enjoy the process and speak to you on Wednesday with another powerful tip for going back home to your authentic self!

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