Wellness Wednesday: My Journey from Healing to Manifesting Success

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

It’s day three of my detox retreat and I’m feeling lighter and happier!

I had my second colon cleanse treatment this morning followed by my cold pressed juices.

Life unfolds magically when you trust the process and go with the flow.

This morning, I wasn’t sure about what to write for today’s Wellness Wednesday post. I thought I would just talk about my personal journey from healing to manifesting success and where I’m at now.

I felt like this wouldn’t be enough interesting content for a blog post but I was going to go with it anyway.

Then I met my new resort friends from the morning trek to central Ubud and the lady told me about a Boreh (Balinese healing scrub) class that she and her partner are taking later in the day.

Since I’m taking a detox package, I also get one Jamu and one Boreh preparation class. But because I was focused on writing on the blog, chapters from my book and fitting in some yin yoga, I didn’t ask the hotel staff about the classes.

Boreh is a traditional, medicinal scrub that the Balinese use to improve the blood circulation, exfoliate and warm the body.

It’s also used to warm the chest when someone is down with the flu. It has many healing and relaxing benefits. They use it on the body only  because the ingredients are too harsh for the face.

We had a great time preparing the divine-smelling scrub and then taking our creation with us to use later.

The magical part of this story is how similar my new friend Aggi is to me! I’ll be writing more about this in my synchronicity book.

And she kindly gave me permission to include her in my book.

When I arrived to this resort, there was a yoga group on retreat. They reminded me of when I first started my healing journey in 2016.

I actually started my healing journey with a detox/HIIT/yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali!

Then, after four of these wellness retreats, I felt like there was still more to uncover. That’s when I contacted someone who went on Path of Love and through their website I manifested my friend and mentor.

Today’s synchronicity is so surreal that I don’t know how to put it into words. The similarities in my personality and Aggi’s are just so powerful and strong.

Before coming to this resort, I checked some TripAdvisor reviews and many of them were written by solo female travelers.

These solo travelers mentioned how they met like-minded people at the resort and made new friends.

Because I’m not the type who looks for friends or makes a conscious effort to make them, I didn’t really think much of these reviews.

I was just going with the flow. Then on that day, when I went for the morning trek in the Ubud rice fields, I met Aggi and Adam. I connected with them. This afternoon, we connected even more at the Boreh making class. I’m meeting Aggi later for some tea – or in my case – a tall glass of cold pressed ‘Bliss’ juice!

The journey from healing to manifestation certainly has its challenges. However, it’s very rewarding once you get to the other side!

If you want to explore the main steps that I took to get to manifesting, check out my series of posts on the topic. This post is the first one.

What’s fascinating is how the Universe will line things up for you in the most perfect way to help you manifest your desire!

All you have to do is set the intention, take inspired action and trust the process!

There’s a new blog post on Soul Collective which gives you the basics of Law of Attraction and how you can Manifest.

You can also subscribe to my newsletter on Soul Collective and receive a Free Guide on how to attract Synchronicity and Manifest with ease.

If you’re in the middle of your healing journey and need some guidance, stay tuned for when I open membership on Soul Collective and I’ll be coaching you with daily mini trainings and exclusive content.

Manifesting Success Bonus Tip

When manifesting any desire, things unfold as they started. That’s your sign that you’re getting close to your vision showing up in your reality.

I started my healing journey in Ubud in 2016 with a general detox/yoga retreat. I’ve done so much inner work and spiritual growth since then. My healing journey took me to the stunning hills of Tuscany.

Where I am today is a long way from my early spiritual growth days. But I’m back to the same place where it all started! Spiritual and mystical Ubud!

I feel immensely grateful and blessed for all the growth and transformation that the Universe has revealed to me.

I am blessed beyond measure to be emitting a totally new energy. This attracts back-to-back synchronicity all day.

Leaving you with some pictures from today’s wonderful and exciting Boreh making class.

Sending you love and light from the heart of Ubud!

manifesting success



manifesting success

manifesting success


manifesting success


manifesting success




manifesting success

manifesting success

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