Energy Shifting – The Main Step in my Healing Journey

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I feel the new and positive energy of 2020.

This will be a year of transformation and miracles for everyone. All the work that we’ve done in 2019 is going to show us its rewards. Magical things will unfold. I just feel it…

I hope you had a good New Year’s celebration. It was so enjoyable how everything was flowing for me yesterday.

The last day of 2019 was different. There was a special kind of flow. I managed to get everything on my to-do-list done with ease. My routine was switched up. I went for a short walk in the neighborhood and sat on a bench to post something to my Facebook group at around 11:30 am. Instead of tanning lotion, I had normal body cream on and I still managed to top up my tan.

You might think all of these things are silly. But they are the foundations of the manifestation work.

Attracting Synchronicity

When you do something new and shake up your routine, you attract synchronicity about your desire or vision.

Within moments of going out to exchange money and get coffee at around 11:00 am, I saw so many positive messages from the Universe about my vision. All of it simply because I switched up my routine of running errands in the afternoon.

I was impressed by how nicely yesterday flowed. In the evening, I chose to do a new year intention setting ritual.

I actually watched a movie that I’ve had on DVD for ages but never saw. It’s a classic romantic comedy called ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘. Here’s the thing, I have a few – mostly romantic comedy – DVD’s that I never sat down to watch (apart from once I think). The reason is that I always thought that it would be nice to watch them with someone special. I kept them in a safe place and took them with me when I moved to my new apartment.

Act as if it has Already Happened

This New Year’s, I felt like I wanted to watch a movie. I deserve to have a good New Year’s or evening. I’m content with myself and my life. I enjoy my solitude. And playfulness is my Sanyasin name – Leela – so doing something fun and playful is a way to connect to my soul essence and live a fun and fulfilling life!

What was interesting is that I felt a strong connection with the character of the movie (Audrey Hepburn) and I researched to find out more about the movie and her personal life. It was so magical how I was meant to watch the movie at a time in my life when I’m learning to love myself more and connect with my soul essence. Trust that everything is falling in line for you.

After the movie ended, I journalled my intentions for the new year, while I played a healing CD and lit some candles.

I then did some Hara breathing to connect with my feminine energy. This went on until it was midnight and I got to watch the JBR fireworks from the comfort of my living room!

I’m feeling very positive about 2020 and the energy that I started the year with. I would say the best word to describe it is: FLOW.

And it’s not a coincidence that this is the main energy that I want to bring in for 2020!

My Main Tip for Spiritual Growth and Transformation

Throughout the past few weeks, I was sharing with you the main tools and things that helped me in my healing journey.

You can go back to the previous Wellness Wednesday posts to read these tips.

Today I share with you the last yet most important one of these tips.

Find a Mentor or Coach

You might be thinking that since I’m a life coach, I’m making this seem like an important tip to promote my services.

The fact is that: a) My one on one coaching is on hold for the next six months or so.

b) I share this tip from my personal experience. Because even though I’m a coach, I had someone who guided me along my healing journey.

I won’t get into the details of how I attracted that mentor into my reality because it’s a long story.

What I will say is that because I had a longing to heal and transform on a deep level, I manifested someone who gave me all the tips and valuable information that were an essential part of my spiritual growth and transformation.

That mentor – who instantly became a good friend – had gone through a powerful transformation herself.

She was so genuine and kind – obviously after doing the inner work – that she shared with me all of the resources and tips from our very first meeting! This was in the summer of 2017 when we connected.

Since then, she was my main anchor and support throughout my healing journey. She would hold space for me and was so loving and nurturing in her interaction with me.

Because she had done the deep work herself, she was an expert in holding space and offering guidance from an evolved and highly conscious space. It wasn’t like she was spoon-feeding me or anything. She was more like a professional mentor to me!

We would meet every couple of months and I would update her with my progress. She would prepare me and offer support before each major workshop that I did. It was something that I would have never expected! unlike any friendship that I’ve experienced. It was very spiritual and I was always telling her: “I truly believe that the Universe sent you to me.”

Until today, that friend is my inspiration – and I recently told her that.

Energy Shifting

She’s my inspiration because she successfully managed to shift her energy and her life to something beautiful and surreal. Shifting energy is a powerful approach.

She’s the reason that I believe in the work that I do and in the powerful shifts and transformations that are available to all of us.

Now if you want to know which healing modality or tool is best for you, all you need to do is set the intention that you want to change and take inspired action. Because that’s exactly what I did.

Whether you choose to join my membership program once I launch it sometime in August, book a one on one coaching package with me or manifest your own mentor or coach, I want you to know that positive transformation is possible.

Life becomes so much easier and enjoyable when shifting energy. You start living from an aligned place and things flow to you with ease. Synchronicities become a natural part of your daily life. You can manifest magical things effortlessly.

Manifest with Ease

On the topic of attracting synchronicity and manifesting with ease, you can download my FREE Guide on that topic and follow simple steps to manifest your desire.

On the new Soul Collective website, you can also read client results, discover advanced manifestation tips and subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated with my latest blog posts and news.

There will be regular, weekly posts on the site, plus a new category about ‘How to Thrive in Daily Life’.

My next post will be from mystical Bali as I spend two months on the island starting January five.

I’ll be sharing all the synchronicity that I encounter on my Facebook Page and in blog posts as part of an exciting new project!

More details about this in the next post. For now, make sure to follow my Facebook Page to stay updated with my news and trips.

Wishing you a Happy and Magical New Year full of positive energy shifting and transformations!

Let me know in the comments, how did you spend the last day of 2019?

energy shifting

energy shifting


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