Wellness Wednesday: Bonding with the Female Tribe

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a wonderful festive season and are spending the holidays in your own way.

I personally feel good and content with myself and my life these days.

You can know that you’re connected to a new timeline of reality when you experience all types of positive encounters and synchronicity.

We attract messages from the Universe in so many magical ways. These can be through song lyrics, words on people’s T-shirts or meaningful conversations with others. We sometimes get the signs through nature or birds.

These days, I continue to receive all kinds of messages and mostly the numbers ‘111’.

When this number combination keeps showing up in your reality, it’s a sign that you’re on the right path. Seeing ‘111’ is clear evidence that you’re following your intuition and heart.

When I woke up this morning, I remembered dreaming about seeing the ‘111’ number combination at multiple places.

I also logged into Facebook and saw 11 notifications and 1 message!

Then, I checked the time at one point and it was 11:11 am!

The thing is, I’ve been seeing synchronicity with numbers for a while now. Like whenever I check the time, it’s 3:03 or 6:06 or 9:09 or any other variation of this! (I just looked at my phone when a text message notification came up and it was 5:05!).

When you live in alignment with your soul purpose and allowing life to unfold naturally, you attract more evidence that your vision is on its way to you.

Apart from the magical synchronicity and flow and healing my relationship with my dad, it feels good to deepen my current friendships with girl friends. These are my female tribe.

This is something that I recently worked on at the Osho Primal group therapy workshop.

And what’s beautiful is that I’m now ready for nurturing and deepening my female friendships.

It feels so magical and wonderful when things fall in line.

Bonding with the female tribe in a healthy way is actually a stepping stone to manifesting a life partner.

Despite the fact that I grew up in a gender-segregated society and went to an all-girls school until I was eighteen, my female connections were not all healthy.

At school, we were encouraged to be competitive, strong and independent. That same energy was dominant at home.

While I did spend a majority of my life surrounded by women, the dynamics of these relationships were murky.

These days, I feel so much joy and gratitude for the opportunity to coach women and support them in their journey.

I also invest more energy and time into my old friendships.

Here’s the thing: the secret to a healthy romantic relationship is deepening the intimacy and connection with yourself first and then with your female tribe.

I encourage you to make the most out of the festive season by spending time bonding with your female friends.

Tonight is a new moon and a solar eclipse in Capricorn. A powerful time for setting new intentions and doing an evening new moon ritual.

I know I will be feeling grateful for the magical messages that the Universe is sending me these days!

Sharing a picture from a trip to Bali in February of this year, where I met up with my friend Ceria who was sent to me by the Universe in my first ever trip to Bali in 2016!

We met in Sanur through an introduction from a new friend who I met at my hotel’s bar!

Another magical synchronicity story which I can share with you guys soon!

For now, stay tuned for next week’s Wellness Wednesday blog post with another powerful manifestation tip.

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