Lifestyle Sunday: Don’t you Want Somebody to Love?

Being 38 and a half (in about one month) and single, many people would think I’m desperate to meet a life partner, get married and have kids. The reality is, I am honestly not concerned at all. Some may ask: Don’t you want somebody to love?

Life Priorities

Well, like any woman, I want to love and be loved. But, marriage is not – and was never – a priority in my life. I was never the kind of girl who dreamt of the knight in shining armor. Or, the one on the white horse. In fact, I always believed I’m the only person who can ultimately save myself.

Throughout my life, I’ve managed to reinvent myself and evolve beyond my family conditioning and society limitations. The gift of life and healing is truly precious and we can all make the most out of it every day. As I get closer to 40, I appreciate the value of healing from childhood wounds before entering a romantic relationship.

I wrote about this topic and how the issue came up while having a conversation with a friend in this Mindful Monday post.

Don’t Rush

Basically, I believe that the path towards finding our soul mates is the same as healing from childhood wounds and traumas. When I’m in a more positive emotional and wellbeing state, I’ll not only attract, but also sustain, a healthy, loving and magical romantic relationship.

While leaving a cafe in the medieval town of Cortona in Tuscany, I walked past a street artist singing the famous tune ‘Somebody to Love’. For some reason, I felt the Universe was communicating a message to me through his voice and words.

It was such a powerful feeling. I had to stop and record a few segments of the song and reflect on the spiritual experience.

Pure Love

We all need somebody to love, to respect and to cherish and to have that love reciprocated to us. I just believe that when we heal our deepest wounds, something special happens. We clear our blocks towards love and eliminate our limiting beliefs. That’s when we are ready for the real, pure love that we all deserve.

Here’s a clip from the Cortona experience…

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