Destiny: What’s Meant for you will Find You!

Happy Wednesday!

I have about four days in Canggu before I move to neighboring Seminyak and I’m really excited!

Let me update you with my latest news before I dive into today’s topic about destiny.

In the past two days, I discovered a few cool new Canggu cafes that strongly resonate with my personality.

I also checked out a brand new gym in peaceful Pererenan this morning. It’s a Brazilian Body Fitness studio with a variety of classes.

What really made me feel good was the fact that all of these new spots that I discovered really speak to my soul essence.

They are authentic, cool with a hip and chilled vibe.

Another big discovery for me is the best smoothie bowl cafe in Canggu.

So it’s a place that I’ve visited once or twice in a previous Bali trip. But it was my first time to try their smoothie bowls.

And after reading TripAdvisor reviews, it turns out that it really is the best smoothie bowl spot in Canggu!

What’s lovely about this cafe is that they serve coconut water in a big class. So instead of getting my coconut water bottles from the Miss Coco Bali trolly across the street from my villa, I can just have my morning coconut water fix at the cafe along with a super nourishing smoothie bowl and a perfect coconut iced latte glass. Pure bliss!

Since the new gym and other cafe that I recently discovered are both located in Pererenan, I decided that this would be my next Bali stay destination when I come back in October.

I could also spend two weeks in Seminyak and another two weeks at a new Berawa hotel (if it’s open by then).

The thing is, Canggu has become so busy these days that I find myself exploring new cafes and restaurants in Pererenan more than I do in the actual Canggu area!

So I’m really looking forward to my next Bali trip this October. Because I will be more aligned with my soul essence when I stay somewhere more peaceful and quiet.

Although Berawa is considered a quieter part of Canggu, it’s still not as peaceful as lush Pererenan.

These were my latest updates and of course, the love messages are still showing up for me wherever I go.

These are getting more vivid and clear. I don’t share everything on social media or the blog, but they really are getting intense these days!

The Universe also likes to speak to me through song lyrics. Mostly it’s also the same songs that are related to my soul mate manifestation. I basically hear them at different places and they stir up distinct emotions in my soul.

I went for lunch at a nearby cafe this afternoon. The place was really small and the menu was very limited.

I went there after reading positive TripAdvisor reviews about the food and the place. But I guess everyone has different standards.

The place was full of flies, and there was a sad/low vibe love songs playlist in the background. I felt really disappointed when I got there and I was wondering what message the Universe has for me in this place.

Well apart from a heart-print ruck sack and the words ‘Love’ on the waitress’s T-shirt, a song which holds a really special place in my heart started playing!

That’s when I realized I was meant to visit to this cozy and small cafe for a profound reason.

The song is ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls. A different cover by another artist was playing.

It’s a song that I used to listen to as a teenager and it really resonates with me so strongly.

Like it’s not just another song that I like. It’s more than that. The lyrics of this song are so deep and powerful and they truly speak to my soul. So does the movie from which the song is taken from but I don’t remember the story clearly now.

Are you paying attention and noticing the signs that the Universe is sending your way?

If you need helpful tips and guidance on how to attract these kind of messages and synchronicity stories, subscribe to my Soul Collective newsletter and get a free guide with the steps that I personally follow to get daily, powerful messages from the Universe about my soul mate manifestation process. Simply go here and subscribe.

Destiny: What’s Meant for you will Find You!

You know how they always say that you will manifest love when you are not looking?

Well I now have a better understanding of this statement and I’m happy to share my thoughts with you.

For people who grew up in a positive and ‘normal’ home environment, this can be true. They can easily meet someone compatible or at least explore relationships and see how they unfold.

But if you’re someone who grew up in a negative home environment – like me – then the above statement is not true on its own.

Before you can just live from that place of trusting that real love will find you, you must do a good amount of inner work and healing.

That’s because you probably have a lot of blocks and limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of manifesting a healthy relationship.

And I tell you this from my personal experience. Before doing the deep work to release my core childhood wounds and limiting beliefs, there is no way that I can be in a place of surrender and trust.

It’s just not possible to feel confident that you will attract a magical love life when you have so many limiting beliefs and doubts in yourself and in your self-worth.

That’s why I’m really excited to launch my online membership program sometime in the summer. This will be a structured guide for single women to help them manifest their dream partner. It will be through daily mini-trainings and other exclusive content.

Stay tuned to my Soul Collective website to be the first to know when it launches!

I would love to support you all to get to the stage where I am, because it’s such a magical state of being!

I’m now feeling so whole and complete. What’s meant for me will definitely find me. It’s my destiny.

Surrender to the Universe

All I have to do now is surrender the process to the Universe. Why?

Because of these two reasons:

  1. Energetically, I feel that I have already manifested my soul mate. The manifestation has now happened. My destiny is on it’s way. This is a deep feeling that I can’t really explain in words. It’s an intuitive feeling. I can guide you on this in my one-on-one coaching sessions.
  2. The Universe’s plan is way more magical and beautiful than anything that I can even imagine. That’s a fact. The Universe knows what you’re longing for and what your deepest desires are. And it will make sure to deliver the vision that’s best for you. This is not the same as the one that you have planned for yourself. Although there can be some similarities!

When you’re living from this stage, everything feels perfect and complete.

Life feels like a blessing and you start to feel grateful for your soul mate vision because you know that it’s magical.

I used to wonder about the reason as to why I attracted my parents. This morning, I had a thought that resonated with me and it sounded like what my Osho mentor (the friend who told me all about the Osho group therapy work) told me.

She said: “To give us life.”

After three and a half years of deep inner work, spiritual growth and healing, I can firmly say that I agree with her words.

While some people might have had supportive parents or caretakers, those of us who didn’t and who are trying to find a reason for their adverse and challenging childhood and adult life, might not really find one.

I’ve accepted that the main reason I attracted my parents was to give me life. There are other useful things that they taught me. But this is not the purpose of this post about destiny, so I will leave this discussion for another time 🙂

Enjoy my latest photo stories from beautiful Canggu, Bali!








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