Manifestation Monday: The Secret to Becoming Magnetic

Happy Manifestation Monday!

Becoming Magnetic

We are all working towards manifesting a specific outcome, circumstance or a new lifestyle.

We’ve set our intentions and we are crystal clear about what we want to co-create with the Universe.

We have our visions boards (whether these are physical ones or created on our phones).

Our limiting beliefs have been cleared and we believe in ourselves and in our worth.

We are constantly taking aligned action and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

As we grow and evolve with each passing day we are emitting love, light and compassion.

We are vibrating at the same frequency of our desire. If it’s love, we vibrate love for ourselves and others.

We are stepping into our power and truly believe that we are the masters of our reality.

We understand that we must manifest from a space of trusting and surrendering the process to the Universe.

While we’re doing a great job with all of these aspects, we are still not seeing evidence of our manifestation.

Manifestation is On Its Way

To be honest, I’m seeing a lot of proof that my manifestation is on its way and I will be sharing more about this in an Instagram post tomorrow.

But for the purpose of this magnetic manifestation post, let’s pretend you are not seeing any evidence of your manifestation yet. Why is that?

There’s an essential ingredient to manifesting anything faster than you can imagine and it’s: authenticity.

When you are living in alignment with who you are as a person in essence – not who you were conditioned to be – that’s when miracles start to happen. You become magnetic. 

If “caretakers” or a family raised you, then it’s only natural that you’ve taken on their programs, pain, mindset as yours.

If you grew up in a positive, supportive home environment, then you would have the space to explore your authentic and real self. You would be encouraged to explore your likes, dislikes, hobbies, activities, interests and overall personality.

If your childhood experience was negative and toxic, then you obviously weren’t encouraged to explore yourself or have your own opinions and views.

Your cultural and family conditioning shapes your identity – instead of your own likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies and passions.

The hard truth is that it’s difficult – if not impossible – to manifest something magical from that space.

Living an Authentic Life

When we live authentically and in alignment with our real selves, we become a magnet to our desires.

My tip for you is to try and reverse this conditioning by re-parenting yourself.

What are your interests? your hobbies? what makes your soul alive? what are you passionate about?

Become that loving and supportive parent that you wished you had.

When you give yourself space to discover your soul essence, you can begin to live in alignment with that new identity.

Keep embodying that authentic version of yourself. In no time, magical evidence of your magnetic manifestation will start appearing in your reality.

I will explain more about the evidence in future Manifestation Monday posts.

For now, if you feel like you are ready to explore and uncover the real you from underneath the conditioning, feel free to get in touch or book a life-changing coaching package with me!

becoming magnetic

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