Wellness Wednesday: Manifestation and Detachment

Happy Wellness Wednesday Tribe!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would know that I’ve been performing new moon and full moon rituals lately.

I’m truly enjoying these manifestation rituals and I look forward to doing them every two weeks.

Manifestation Tips

The reality is that you must immerse yourself in these spiritual practices without being attached to the outcome.

Enjoy each step of the process and don’t be too focused on the destination.

Another important tip for manifesting anything is that you must believe that you are worthy of the object or the circumstance which you are working towards.

It’s also necessary to stay positive and raise your frequency at all times, because the Universe responds to your vibration.

You can raise your frequency by focusing your energy within, meditating, doing yoga, moving your body and being active.

Once you’re at a higher vibration state, you will begin to attract abundance in all areas of your life. Manifestation will then be a natural thing for you.

Manifestation Involves Detachment

Today, I wanted to focus on the aspect of detaching from the material object or circumstance that you’re working to manifest.

Whenever you have doubts or fears about the desire or vision that you want to manifest, you are creating blocks and resistance to attracting it into your reality.

You must TRUST and BELIEVE. You are already connected to your desire and that it’s on its way to you.

Having any kind of doubt in the success of the process will only lead to creating blocks and resistance.

The truth is, the very fact that you have a specific desire makes it possible for you to manifest and create it!

So remember to be clear about your intention, write it down, visualize it and then surrender and let go.

Leaving the How to the Universe

In the next post, I’ll be discussing another important element of manifestation: Leaving the “how” to the Universe.

Until then, make sure you follow me on Instagram for this Saturday’s new moon in Taurus soul mate manifestation ritual.

I’ll be guiding you on the process and giving you valuable insights and tips.

Happy Manifesting 🙂



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