Wellness Wednesday: How You Can Create Your Reality Today

This morning, we celebrate the beginning of a new month. As I started to write this post, I had a funny incident with my balcony door. It  actually gave me inspiration for a future Wellness Wednesday post.

I opened my balcony door to put my laundry outside. I thought to myself how especially humid the weather is in Dubai today. As soon as I had finished with the task of hanging the clothes outside, I struggled to close the balcony door. This problem was persistent for a month or so, but this morning, the door was completely stuck.

I tried to troubleshoot the problem but that didn’t work, so I called maintenance. I now write this post from my apartment next to the open door. If you don’t live in Dubai, you probably won’t understand why this is such a big issue. It’s so humid this morning that I was wondering if my clothes would dry when I put them outside. That’s how high the humidity is.

Create Your Reality

Our circumstances can sometimes be challenging. However, we can still create an abundant and beautiful reality which matches our vibration.

How do you create your reality? You simply shift your focus to the belief that everything in life is happening FOR you, rather than against you. You will be able to see the opportunity in every challenging life situation. My balcony door story this morning is a perfect example of this. As I type these words, I’m also communicating with the building maintenance team to come and check the issue and fix it.

If you look at each challenge or obstacle as a wonderful opportunity for growth and evolution, your whole world will change.

Changing Your Perception

Today’s post is about changing our perception and eventually creating your reality. It’s also about avoiding complaining about what we don’t have and making the most of the resources that we do have. Inspiration is everywhere around us.

Someone once told me how lucky I am to have the financial support to do what I love and how unlucky they were because they didn’t have that freedom. I explained to them how I actually earned this freedom with a good share of emotional abuse and other toxic childhood situations and traumas. I told them how nobody has it all and that they can start by utilizing whichever resources they had at any given moment.

This person was already on a personal journey of self development and were doing all the things that would help them grow. The only thing that was in their way was their limiting beliefs about what they think they lack or are not capable of achieving.

My advice to them was to continue doing what they were doing. To look for inspiration everywhere they go and be open for possibilities and positive change.

Positive Thinking Matters

When we think negatively or we focus on what we don’t have, the Universe responds with the vibration of exactly that.

If you focus on the lack of anything, you will get more of that. If you want abundance, focus on being grateful for the gift of life, good health and all the beautiful things that you already have. Gratitude is a powerful tool for bringing in more abundance into one’s life.

The truth is, we each already have all the resources that we need in order to move forward. All we have to do is to practice gratitude and to tune into these resources and use them to our best ability. The Universe is already presenting you with the resources that you need. All you have to do is listen.

This can be as simple as reading a self development or spiritual best-seller book. Everything you need is readily available. You really can create your reality starting today. So please don’t sabotage it with limited and negative thinking.

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