Wellness Wednesday: Explore, Live and Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today’s post will be a short one as I’m busy preparing for an upcoming island getaway.

You can find out where I’ll be going and what I will be up to from my Instagram stories.

When was the last time you travelled to a new and exciting destination?

I encourage you to make time for exploration and travel. Book that trip, take that vacation, travel alone if you have to and expand your experiences to the maximum of your ability.

When we do something different and step outside of our comfort zone, magic happens.

This is not a cliche statement, it’s a proven fact!

Every trip that I make helps me heal a little bit more (even when I don’t attend any wellness retreats).

Expanding our horizons and perspectives is key for our personal growth and freedom.

What I mean by freedom is being free from old habits, patterns and conditioning.

Travel is a great way to manifest desires and circumstances faster. Check out my latest Manifestation Monday post for more faster manifesting tips here.

When you travel, be mindful of the messages that the Universe is sending you. These can be through other people, certain situations or simply by your own realizations and perceptions.

Remember, whenever you step out of your comfort zone and try something new or do something different, your soul upgrades to the next level.

So explore, travel, have as many experiences as you can and enjoy the journey…

The next post will be on June 26 – as I will be attending a wellness retreat until then.

Wishing you a thrilling and exciting adventure or holiday. The world is your playground.

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