Finding your Tribe is Essential for Manifesting Love

Happy Manifestation Monday!

It’s 11:00 am on December 30. We are only two days away from the new year and I feel positive.

Earlier this year, I went to see a Balinese tarot card reader while on holiday in Canggu. You can read all about it here.

What was interesting about that reading, is that although I didn’t like what the cards were revealing, it was very accurate!

She basically told me that 2019 is a year of healing and spiritual growth. And if I do the inner work and grow, then I can meet someone special. Manifesting love is on the cards for 2020.

Whenever she flipped the cards, it showed healing and spiritual growth. She repeated the word ‘spirituality’ like fifteen times throughout our 60-minute reading session!

She kept advising me to invest in spiritual ceremonies while I’m in Bali and to continue growing and evolving in my healing journey.

At that time, I wasn’t very happy with her words. Because I thought that I had already done a good amount of work on myself. I thought I should be manifesting love by now. I was wrong.

My recent inner child and tantra workshops at Osho Miasto were the main things that I needed to do to shift my energy and heal my childhood wounds.

I must say that I feel so much better and more confident in my own body after completing these two, powerful workshops.

In addition to healing your past wounds and traumas, you need to find the authentic you. Not the conditioned identity but the real you from underneath all the noise and clutter.

I would say that I did various things to get back to the authentic and real me. The original self before all of the conditioning took place.

Since moving to Dubai in 2010, I would invest a great amount of energy and time exploring my interests and hobbies.

I used to join meetups, attend different group exercise classes and events.

You need to be open to exploring and being uncomfortable. That’s the main tip that I can give.

Put yourself in situations which are completely outside of your comfort zone. Be open to receiving guidance through conversations with people or any other random way. Keep trying new things and be open to possibilities. Make new friends and connect with different communities.

If you need step-by-step guidance on how to find your tribe, check out this post. For manifesting love check out this post. 

I recently wrote a post about bonding with your female tribe, which is an essential part of healing. But the tribe that I talk about today is different.

Your tribe consists of like-minded individuals who share your values, lifestyle, interests or world views.

And the cool thing is that you can have more than one tribe! and they can be located anywhere in the world!

I just had this thought that I stopped attending meetups with because I believe that I outgrew the concept of that site.

Now, I connect with like-minded people at meditation centers or workshops, online social platforms, Facebook groups or local events.

I honestly love how I share so many personality traits and values with the people who I connect with through my interests.

I always make new friends whenever I go to Osho Miasto in Tuscany. We’re a group of conscious, authentic and highly sensitive souls. We’re all about spiritual growth, personal development and healing.

I also connect with women who like to travel solo. Because we share this wanderlust and curious mindset, love for life and new adventures.

Whenever I’m in Bali, I like to connect with other digital nomads or entrepreneurs. Because that’s another thing that I’m passionate about and is part of who I am.

As you can see, my interests are diverse and so are the communities that I find myself in. And that’s in my opinion is what makes anyone truly unique and special.

While I do enjoy yin yoga, I also love functional training at the gym and I used to lift heavy weights for a little over a year with a personal trainer.

So, I’m not someone who confines themselves in one tribe or category of people. I’m a complex character and that’s totally OK!

I encourage you to start exploring your interests. Try a new activity or hobby each week and commit to the ones that you like.

Connecting to your authentic self is such a fun and rewarding journey! and is a powerful step to manifesting a loving relationship.

I truly believe that the journey back to our authentic self is an endless one. And it can be exciting to discover yourself through new interests, hobbies and community groups.

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Wishing you a lovely new year’s celebration or intention setting ritual – whichever you choose to do.

I personally will be spending the evening of the 31st at home, reviewing my notes for the energy that I want to bring in and feeling the good vibes that come with it.

Happy New Year and speak to you on the first!

manifesting love

Manifesting love

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