Stories from Magical Bali: Sakti Healing Canggu

I didn’t plan on visiting a tarot card reader or spiritual psychic again.  But, the way that led me to Sakti Healing was quite unusual.

It was a super moon night. I was having dinner at a casual Mexican restaurant in Canggu. While searching for Wifi options, I came across one that read: Sakti Healing. Being on a deep, ongoing healing journey, I decided to research them and check their Instagram page.

Sakti Healing

A few clicks later and I’ve booked myself a crystal healing session. It was at the store/healing space across from the Mexican restaurant where I was dining.

The Balinese healer was very experienced. After a 60-minute chakra cleansing session using a wide range of crystals, I decided to book a tarot card reading for the next day.

Since I’ve only had one tarot card reading in my entire life and being still single at 38, I thought that now was a good time.

What’s interesting about Sakti Healing is that it’s only six months old, the healer is originally Balinese and is highly intuitive and experienced.

Love & Positive Energy

Fast forward one hour later and a whole deck of tarot cards and a plethora of questions about career, love and life goals. I had my results.  Ayu – my Balinese healer informed me that once I heal my relationship with my mother and sisters, everything will open up in my life.

The key is to send love and positive energy to my mother and to forgive her. She even asked me to visit her and kiss her feet.

While I agree that family conflict and unresolved issues can be the source of stagnation and blocks in life, I am planning to do things my way with a primal healing group at Osho Miasto this October. You can read more about my experience at this mystical meditation center here.

Basically, I aim to release all the negative emotions (including anger) to be able to forgive and extend compassion and understanding towards my mother. I like the idea of sending love and blessings from far 🙂

The card reading might not have matched my expectations or what I was looking for. But, it certainly gave me the answers that my soul needed to hear.

Be open to receiving guidance

When booking your next tarot card reading session, make sure that you’re ready and open to receiving all the guidance that your soul needs. I surely know that I was.

Sakti Healing is located in:

Jl. Padang Linjong, Canggu, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351

Sessions can be booked on the web site here.

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  • Malorie says:

    At the very center of your being you have all the answers; you comprehend who you are and you understand what you need. Thanks!

    • Saudi Diva says:

      I agree. Thank you for the comment and feel free to follow me on social media for wellness, mindset and intuition tips.

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