Manifestation Monday: Bonding with my Bali Female Friends!

Happy Manifestation Monday from Canggu!

I’m feeling so blessed and grateful for all the synchronicity that’s showing up for me every day.

Yesterday was special, because I got to catch up with two of my Bali soul sisters over coffee, coconut water, a late lunch and then sunset drinks!

Before I tell you all about yesterday, I want to remind you to do new things each day. These can be as simple as changing your routine, visiting a new cafe or trying a new hobby.

If you want to learn more about this powerful manifestation tip, check out this post about switching up your routine.

To give you an example, today I chose to have lunch and write from a cafe which is in a totally different area than the one where my villa is. It’s a quiet, sleepy village with a few cool cafes and restaurants.

The last time I was here was when I had a nail appointment in the same area. But today, I chose to come here simply to write from a new location and to check out a new cafe. And I’m so glad that I did.

I’m actually sitting outside the cafe at the terrace right by the road and I love it!

A lot has been happening in the past few days and I’ll be writing everything in my synchronicity book’s first draft.

I’ll be having a new feature where you can subscribe to get updates about my book, so stay tuned for that!

Bonding with the Female Tribe

Since the cafe where I’m sat closes in about twenty minutes, I’m going to keep this post short.

This is also because I already covered the topic of bonding with the female tribe in an earlier post. You can read it here.

You might be wondering about why I’m repeating this topic. Well, let me reassure you that it’s not because I ran out of content ideas – I actually have endless content ideas and stories to share.

The reason that I’m writing about this topic again is because it’s such a powerful and important healing tool to help you manifest love.

I learned about this in my recent tantra workshop which I did at Osho Miasto in Tuscany. And although I can’t share the details or the structure of the work, I can tell you that the main concept behind it is to heal our relationship with our female friends and soul sisters before trying to manifest a healthy romantic relationship with the opposite sex.

There’s an interesting story behind how I connected with my Indonesian soul sisters Vanessa and Ceria. You can read about it briefly here.

Basically, the Universe made us cross paths so that I will have genuine and real friends in Bali. And through our connection, we continue to elevate and support each other.

We have a really strong bond. It just keeps getting better with each trip that I make to the mystical island.

Life becomes really special and memorable when you connect with like-minded people who get you. And who you can have conversations about the Universe and synchronicity with!

I am truly blessed beyond measure for having these two soul sisters in my life. I’ll be sharing more stories about our moments as we create them! We mostly catch up on weekends, so the next time that I will write about this will probably be next Sunday.

Since the cafe is closing soon, I leave you with some images from today and yesterday.

Remember to spend quality time with your female friends and work on deepening your relationship with them.

Once you have a positive and healthy relationship with your female friends, manifesting a romantic relationship can flow with ease.



female friends

female friends

female friends

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