Seeing Your Old and Future Self in Those You Encounter

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Today is a very special day in the Balinese calendar. It’s Galungan ceremony and everyone is dressed in traditional Balinese clothes.

Galungan is a day when the Balinese celebrate the victory of the dharma (good) over the adharma (evil) and welcome their ancestral spirits.

I’m truly blessed to be witnessing this ceremony and for being in Bali during this beautiful cultural celebration.

This trip is special to me in so many ways. I’m very grateful for all the magic and good energy that’s protecting me all the time.

My Latest Updates

I want to begin with some of my latest news. I’ll then go into today’s topic about noticing your old and future self in others.

On Valentine’s Day, I chose to take myself out on a date at a newly opened sushi spot in Canggu.

They were serving a special V-day set menu which included a dish of heart-shaped ‘love rolls’!

My evening was really special and I felt so much love for myself that I never experienced before!

I now understand why I haven’t met my soul mate yet. And that’s what I kept reading as well. There’s a good reason for why they still didn’t show up and part of it is because I still have some more releasing and clearing to do. So magical!

In other news, I was planning a night out to a Canggu bar with friends. But then one friend cancelled and the other one couldn’t meet till very late.

So we were in her car looking for an alternative place to go to – because the original bar was too stuffy and loud – and we ended up spending an hour stuck in Saturday night Seminyak traffic.

Letting Go and Enjoying the Moment

We ended up going to some random place at 2:00 am and stayed there for an hour. It was such a fun night though, because I was forced to let go and just enjoy the moment! it felt so liberating to be living from that space of surrender.

The bar we ended up going to was not a nice one. There was a group of people dancing and it was such a random night out. But the main element here was letting go, surrendering to what is and not overthinking each step or decision.

In the ended, I had such an amazing night and I felt so happy and aligned with the source energy afterwards.

On my first day in Seminyak and after writing from a cafe, I walked down the wrong side of the road by mistake.

I was meaning to walk in the direction of my hotel but I ended up going towards Legian. It was strange as I was wondering why all the shops and the people looked so hippie and tacky all of a sudden! I later realized while stopping at a Mini Mart that I was actually in Legian.

The powerful part of this story is that the Universe wanted me to walk in the wrong direction to show me all the ‘love messages’ that were waiting for me on the other side of Jalan Raya Seminyak.

There were so many messages and I’m only posting the good pictures in this post. It was a reminder that I’m on the right path.

How to Notice your Old and Future Self in Others

As I mentioned in a previous post, wherever I am in public, I encounter people who are either reflecting my old self or new one.

It’s such a powerful and mystical experience to have when you can spot these patterns and bring awareness to them.

Let me share some examples.

When I first walked into the cafe where I’m sitting now and writing this post, my eyes connected with another woman who was sat at the first table near the entrance. Being the positive/hippie/boho soul that I am, I naturally smiled at her (because our eyes literally met) and she just looked at me without smiling back.

Of course I didn’t take this personally because I had done so much inner work. This is simply a reflection of her inner world and has nothing to do with me. But I immediately acknowledged her as my old self. Why? because she didn’t look content or happy with herself or her life. Being an empath, I can feel other people’s energy. And her aura was not positive or light. It was actually quite dense and heavy.

A Curious Incident at the Cafe

What happened last night at the cafe where I decided to stop and have an early dinner was another example of how I spotted my old and future self in one place.

The reason this manifested in such a profound way is that I randomly chose to sit at that cafe while walking in the rain and choosing to have an early dinner. I also wasn’t feeling too well, so it was the perfect decision to have an early dinner before heading back to my hotel.

While having dinner, I noticed an older couple sat behind me because they spoke in Arabic.

At first, all I thought was that Seminyak is very touristy and how in Canggu, I rarely or almost never see any Arabs.

Then, I overheard the guy speaking (because it was a small cafe) and to my surprise, the words he used and the topics he discussed with his partner were very similar to my dad’s.

The way he spoke, his tone of voice, the topics (mostly business related) were very identical to those used by my father.

Right next to me, was a middle-aged lady dining alone. She was wearing a pretty dress and had make-up on (including fake lashes I think). She represented my current self. That means that she was acting as if she had a partner.

Of course she could have a partner who’s not joining her on the trip or for dinner. But the aura she emitted resembled mine.

She was enjoying her own company and she felt confident about it. She was having a dinner paired with a drink and she was observing her surroundings. So similar to my current self and reality.

Mystical Moments

In front of me was a couple of tables – most of them with couples dining together. One table had an older couple and another one had a very young couple. The young couple were so in love and were being affectionate. These obviously reflected my future self.

What was even more remarkable was what happened after I left the cafe and was walking back to my hotel.

While walking down the road, something made me look towards one of the local stalls. My eyes met with those of the Arab guy who represented my father!

It was so mystical because I normally don’t look into these shops. This is because the locals always try to persuade me to buy. So I naturally avoid looking their way. But Bali is all about healing and releasing. So, this incident is one of many that I’ve had since first visiting here in 2016.

The crazy thing is how in that instant, my eyes met his for like one second before I continued walking towards my hotel.

My deep intuition tells me that it’s a way for me to make peace with my father and to move on with my life.

Being a Master Manifester

Of course some of you might not get this. Mainly because you have to be very spiritual and open to get these symbols.

That’s why I’m a master manifester and I love doing the energy work to heal and evolve into my future self.

All you have to do is be aware and open to receiving the healing from the Universe and your spirit guides.

Because I’m down with a cold – but feeling better today – I’m just going for a strong Shiatsu massage this afternoon and a sunset beach walk later.

Stay tuned for my next post. It’s all about acting as if you have a partner to speed up the manifestation process.



future self

future self

future self

future self


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