You Won’t Believe How Easy It is to Manifest Anything!

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I have about another month in Bali and I’m honestly already dreading going back to Dubai!

Just last night, I was out having drinks with my Indonesian friend Ceria and she asked me about my Dubai life.

I told her that I was just talking about this to our mutual friend Vanessa when I first met her in this trip.

I told Vanessa that when I’m in Dubai, I live in a cave of my own creation! It’s true!

The dark energy in that city is so negative.  It does not align with my soul so I have to protect myself from the dark energy at all times.

I basically explained how that after completing my recent inner child healing workshop, I felt like I needed time to integrate the process.

So, I was just finishing some one-on-one coaching sessions that I had and planning for my Bali trip – which is the first in a series of synchronicity trips.

I also mentioned to Ceria about that one time when there was a false fire alarm in my Dubai building and how I felt like a real hippie that evening.

Just by simply looking at everyone who lived in the building, I felt so different (in a good way) and so foreign to the Dubai lifestyle and image.

I even had a short conversation with a lady from the building who judged me and felt sorry for me when I told her that I’m single! Because I’m an empath, I was able to read her energy.

Of course I’ve done so much inner work that her opinion wouldn’t affect me in any way because it’s actually the other way around.

Most of the people who live in Dubai and work in the corporate industry are just conditioned to do so. Because if anyone has done any kind of inner work and soul searching, they will know that these kinds of work environments are not healthy or constructive for one’s soul.

And because I feel that way, I decided to come back to Bali again this year (sometime in October hopefully) for another two months. In the meantime, I’m setting the intention to find out about a good writing retreat which can help me edit my book.

I am definitely coming back to Bali this year. I am officially obsessed.

It’s So Easy to Manifest Anything 

To give you an idea of how simple it is to manifest anything, let me tell you a simple story.

In the past few days, I was looking for new, healthy cafes to go to for breakfast. And mostly in my neighborhood.

Of course I did some online research and I found some good articles. But most of the cafes were in the other side of Canggu and not in Berawa where I’m staying.

So, I just let the thought go and I went on with my life.

When I met my friend Ceria yesterday, she told me about this cafe where we can go for lunch.

I looked it up and the reviews were great, so we went there.

The cafe happens to be located just a few minutes away (by walking) from my villa!

We went there for lunch which was very impressive. The food, service and view were amazing. And it’s new and just opened last November.

What’s interesting is that the sign for the cafe is not clear because it’s on the side and the entrance is not exactly on the main road.

That’s why it’s difficult to find it just by passing by the road.

And I needed someone to tell me about it. I now have a new breakfast spot to go to which offers great food and is really close to my villa!

All I did to get this manifestation was set a clear intention about my desire (finding a good cafe for breakfast in my neighborhood), take inspired action (by researching a bit online) and then surrendering the process to the Universe.

It’s really that simple! You can apply the same process to manifest anything in life too.

Doing Something Different and Angel Numbers

Last night was different. I went to The Lawn with my friend Ceria for drinks. The music was really loud and it’s not my kind of ambiance but we actually had a great time!

Sometimes, it’s good to do something entirely different than what you usually do to manifest change and messages.

While I was in the car with Ceria, a guy on a motor bike in front of us was wearing a red jersey with the number 14 in a huge font on it. So it was clearly a sign!

We were driving behind that guy with number 14 on his T-shirt for a few minutes.

So when we got to The Lawn and I looked up the spiritual meaning of angel number 14, it gave me so many varied meanings.

Because the meanings were so diverse, I looked up the meaning of angel number 14 and love.

I was happily surprised to read that it’s a symbol for love and spiritual growth.

And that if I keep seeing that number, it means that I will embark on a journey (which is my current one) that will lead me to the person that I will spend the rest of my life with!

It also said that it looks like love will find me very soon!

This morning, when I went to this photography gallery and cafe for breakfast, the Wifi password was: nomad888

This is the second time in this trip that I see the number 888. It means that I’m in the flow of true abundance!

Another wonderful sign!

Magical Messages from the Universe

The synchronicity messages keep showing up for me every day. They are so constant now that I don’t even have the time to document or remember all of them! I feel so blessed beyond measure!

Let me share with you two major messages from today.

When I went to this artsy photography gallery and cafe for breakfast, there were two ladies working on their laptops.

The energy was awkward. This is not the fault of the place but more about the people that were there.

One lady specifically was emitting a very dark and negative energy that I couldn’t even look at her!

Her aura communicated strong anger, frustration and resentment. As if she just got out of a relationship and is trying to heal.

I noticed her go to another table in the garden to smoke from time to time. Because she was sitting in the indoor area of the cafe.

I had my breakfast and checked a few things online before deciding to go somewhere else to write a blog post because the energy in that garden was just so off.

Before I left, I saw her go to the waitress and ask her where the washroom was exactly, because she went outside and couldn’t find it. She also stormed off in an angry and frustrated way.

The last part made me remember my old self. How I was still healing and that’s why, small irrelevant things would bother me to a level bigger than they deserve.

All I have for that lady is compassion and love. Because I deeply know how it feels to be in that stage of the healing journey.

I felt like the only reason for me to visit that cafe this morning was to see a reflection of my old self. In essence, to see how far I’ve come along in my spiritual growth and healing journey.

I say that because I honestly don’t think I’ll be going back to that cafe anytime soon.

The only difference between us is that I was never a smoker. I have never even tried smoking in my entire life.

Healing and spiritual growth can be such a rewarding and beautiful thing when done right. It takes persistence and patience, but it’s definitely worth all the pain and releasing.

I’ll end this manifest anything post here. I also want to tell you that I’m kind of back to posting to my Instagram story. So if you’re interested, you can follow me on Saudi Diva Blog.



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