How to Uncover your Authentic Self and Why it’s Important

Happy Monday! So I just moved to Seminyak earlier today and I have a feeling that the next two weeks will be all about connecting to the real me: my authentic self.

My hotel is located in a very hippie area of town. It’s not in the commercial part with all the boutiques and restaurants.

It’s actually in an area which I’m familiar with and I’ve been here on previous Bali trips.

The cafe where I’m writing this post from is actually one of my favorite Seminyak cafes.

Somehow I got to know about it and I kept coming back because my soul felt some sort of belonging.

Now the interesting part of this story is that in previous trips, I was still confused about my authentic self.

All I knew is that I liked to visit this place. Fast forward to this year and this specific trip.

Because I had just done the inner child healing work and I set the intention that I want to uncover the real me, I ended up booking a hotel near this cafe without even knowing it!

Let me share with you some useful tips for re-connecting to your authentic self…

How to Uncover your Authentic Self

  • Set the intention that you want to release the family and social conditioning and uncover the real you.
  • Do the inner work and spiritual growth which will help you release old patterns and habits.
  • If you get a chance, try to attend an inner child healing workshop or group therapy to release childhood wounds.
  • Take inspired action and step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Follow your intuition and go where your soul feels alive.
  • Surrender and trust that the Universe will guide you to where you can be your most authentic self.

How I Made it to this Stage

So after three and a half years of deep inner work and spiritual growth, I decided to spend most of this year traveling.

My intention for my year of travel is to connect to my authentic self at a deeper level and live out of my core vibration of freedom.

I also want to do things that make me feel alive and aligned to my soul essence.

Another main element of this year of travel is to live every day from a space of flow and surrender.

Fortunately, this is an easy place to be in while living in Bali. The energy here is all about flow, trusting and letting go.

And the timing for my decision to spend most of this year traveling is perfect. Since after completing the inner child group therapy, they recommend that you travel the world and look for freedom and fulfillment.

Uncovering my Authentic Self

So that’s where I am now. It’s a beautiful stage of uncovering the authentic self and living every day in alignment with that identity.

It took me 39 and a half years to get here. But I’m grateful nevertheless because many people aren’t even aware of the conditioning and the roles they take up while being raised in a family dynamic.

So I choose to focus on the fact that I’m blessed beyond measure to put in the conscious effort to re-connect with the real me.

I’m one of the few people in the world who are investing time, money and energy into evolving into their higher self.

Most people are either busy surviving or simply unaware or ignorant when it comes to healing and spiritual growth.

Some people are also not interested and that’s fine. It’s their choice. I’m not saying this to judge anyone.

Here’s the Cool Thing

What’s really cool about this trip is how things are falling in line without my interference or control!

As I mentioned in previous posts, my first Ubud hotel was mainly for honeymooners. So I was surrounded by the love energy.

In my second Ubud hotel, I met a couple where the lady was a reflection or mirror of myself! so intense like me! you can read about this story in this post.

With Canggu being my favorite Bali town, magical series of synchronicities were flowing and countless messages were showing up for me every day.

Now that I moved to Seminyak, I discovered that my hotel is located in the hippie part of town. And this obviously resonates with my soul essence.

What’s worth mentioning is that none of this was intentional or planned!

When I booked the hotels and Canggu villa for my two-month Bali stay, I did things randomly.

And while I’m someone who likes to research places and read reviews, this was not how I planned this Bali trip.

Follow the Signs

I just followed the signs, my intuition and its guidance.

I had no idea that The Kayon Resort was a honeymooners’ paradise and that it’s actually rated as the number one Ubud hotel on TripAdvisor. And of course I didn’t anticipate meeting that couple and making new friends at Blue Karma Nestling Ubud.

And I was destined to stay in that Canggu villa. The word ‘Love’ was sprayed on the wall in the small road leading to the villa.

And now I’m staying at Blue Karma Oasis in Seminyak and it’s right next to the street where my favorite cafe is.

I honestly didn’t research the location of Blue Karma Oasis and I was so grateful and happy when I walked by the other day and found out that it’s in the hippie part of Seminyak.

What’s happening is that the Universe is supporting me in my journey back to myself.

It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that I can simply set the intention to re-connect to my authentic self and then trust that things will unfold in the best way for my growth and elevation.

Life is so beautiful and full of flow and ease when you live from a place of trust and confidence.

Set the intention, take inspired action and then watch how the Universe rewards your efforts and even multiples them for you.

Why is Finding your Authentic Self So Important

Uncovering the real you from underneath the family and social conditioning is very important for your wellbeing.

When you don’t know who you are in essence, life can be very confusing and blurry.

You will find yourself making random decisions and engaging with people who don’t share your values or vision.

Your life purpose can also be clear to you once you discover your soul essence and authentic self.

And because we all want to manifest a magical romantic relationship, finding yourself first is an essential step of the process.

What you need to know is that your ideal partner might not share your interests or boho vibe. What’s more important is that they share your values and world view.

I say this from my personal life. I used to think that my ideal relationship is with someone who’s also into spirituality and healing.

Then I realized that this doesn’t have to be the case and I actually prefer that he’s not into healing and spirituality!

You might be wondering why I say this and how I can be so certain about this fact.

A Soul Mate Wish List

First, I don’t want to be with someone who comes from a toxic background or family. Well at least not as toxic as mine.

What I need more of in my life is light and positive energy. Someone who is supportive and who loves me unconditionally.

If he’s into healing and spirituality like me, this means that he also had a horrible childhood and I don’t want this! LOL

I’d rather be with someone who’s into personal growth (and that’s actually on my soul mate wish list) and who supports my growth and evolution.

He doesn’t need to be spiritual and hippie like me. I’m not even attracted to these types of men when I see them around in Bali.

I’m very bohemian, laid-back, spiritual and nomadic. But my partner doesn’t have to be and it’s better that he’s not.

We all go through challenging phases and adversity in life. But there’s a huge difference between experiencing challenging times and growing up in a toxic and negative home environment. Even worse if you stay in that environment until you are 29 years old (which is what I did).

Ok enough talking about the past and its darkness. It doesn’t exist. I’m not there anymore and I’m now living as ‘Leela’ and I have nothing to do with my negative past. I’ve now stepped in fully into my future self and life is great!

Stay tuned for the new post about my Seminyak life and how you too can embrace your authentic and higher self!

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