How to Find your Authentic Self with Deep Inner Work and Travel

Happy Manifestation Monday!

I’m feeling a bit tired after a night out with a friend yesterday. We actually just went for dinner and then drinks at a hip Canggu bar.

But since I don’t drink much these days, the effects of any alcohol can be intense.

That’s why, I’m taking things easy today and I most likely will skip my afternoon/sunset beach walk.

Everything is Happening for You

So rainy season has started in Bali and we’ve been experiencing heavy rain and thunderstorms in the past few days.

Yesterday morning, the rain was so heavy that a big water puddle formed in the small alley near my villa.

Being a real foodie, breakfast was essential, despite the bad weather. I walked two minutes to the nearby bakery and I even sat outside (in the roof-covered area) and had my sandwich and latte.

It was really interesting to see life pass by in horrible weather conditions and to witness a series of powerful synchronicities.

You can easily attract messages from the Universe when you do something that makes you uncomfortable and puts you in a new frequency.

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Another thing that I felt grateful for yesterday was the fact that my Canggu villa is located near a street with many good cafes and restaurants.

Do you remember my posts about how I didn’t feel safe going to bed at night in my villa? this is basically because there’s no security at the villa since it’s Airbnb. It’s just me in a two-bedroom villa and locking the door for safety. Both the pool guy and cleaning lady have keys for the villa and can come in any time!

It was so beautiful to realize that I had to stay in this villa for a couple of reasons. One of them is the fact that during Bali’s rainy season and heavy rain, it’s best to be located within walking distance to all the cafes and eating spots. This is even more important for me because I don’t drive a scooter and I rely on Gojek entirely. When it rains in Bali, it can be impossible to get a ride.

And that’s how I shifted from complaining about my Airbnb experience to actually appreciating it and feeling blessed and grateful to be staying in that location!

Connecting to my Authentic Self through Travel

I won’t list the different ways that you can do inner work and release old and deep wounds, because I already wrote about my personal experiences in a previous post.

But I do want to mention that this trip has been so powerful in helping me discover my authentic self!

You have to start first with inner child healing – it just doesn’t work if you skip that work.

I truly believe that the integration is still going on since I completed my inner child and tantra group therapy work last November.

With each full moon, the clearing and shedding of old wounds is activated and I get closer to my real self.

Post inner child and tantra, it’s highly recommended that you travel the world.

Of course it’s best to travel somewhere that resonates with your soul essence and who you really are.

For me, this place is Bali. I also have a couple of trips to Italy lined up for the rest of the year and hopefully another trip to Bali.

What makes me come back to the mystical island is the way that it makes me feel.

Magical sunsets, meditative beach walks, hip cafe culture and a unique energy of flow and ease.

What I love about Bali is that its energy speaks to my soul essence so strongly.

With each morning meditation session, sunset beach walk, relaxing spa treatment, hip cafe visit, I get closer and closer to my authentic and true self. The one that was covered in deep family and social conditioning.

And because freedom is my number one value, I can never get enough of this blissful Bali vibe.

Having the privilege to live out of my core vibration of freedom is a blessing and a gift unlike any other.

It’s the Simple Things that take you back to your Authentic Self

Do you know how you can re-connect to your authentic self?

Simple things like exploring the world we live in and following what makes you feel alive and content.

For example, this Bali trip specifically is making me realize just how hippie and nomadic my soul is.

This is evident from the places that I choose to hang out in and how I spend my day.

It’s also a trait that I can see reflected in my friends and the people who I connect with.

I’m always up for an adventure and constantly packing my suitcase for the next destination or town!

I’m always chilled and relaxed and just optimistic and happy!

I also just discovered an adult coloring app. I like to use this when I have free time in my day.

This way of spending time is definitely not for everyone! In the same way that other people follow the latest world news or current affairs, I can be found happily coloring sections of a new drawing in the app!

There are so many different ways to discover the real you. And all I can say is that it’s a very rewarding and fun experience!

Sometimes, I feel low because I wasn’t given the space to be my authentic self while growing up with my parents.

But I try to feel the emotion and then I focus my thoughts on the fact that I’m now back home to myself and really enjoying being me!

I’ll end with a simple example of what I mean by discovering your authentic self and your likes and dislikes.

Being a huge coffee lover, I go to cafes a lot and I sometimes work from them on my laptop. Like what I’m doing now.

The other day, I went to Seminyak for a hair salon appointment. After the salon visit and lunch, I went to a cafe to read a book.

I asked the waitress if she recommended a hot or cold coffee at this place. Her response was basically a guide for me to choose what coffee I like and my answer totally led me to my favorite coffee when in Bali – a hot latte in a short glass.

You might think that choosing your favorite coffee is not a big deal and that it’s not a reflection of anything major about who you are.

But let me assure you that it does matter. Knowing what type of coffee you prefer and like is as important as anything else.

When you are raised in a home where your opinion is not respected or you feel neglected, these things take ages to heal and be released.

Basically, I wasn’t given the space to be the real me. This has impacted how I make choices in life and how I show up for myself.

Long story short (trust me, it’s a very long story), I now have space to be my authentic hippie self. In addition, I make personal choices that resonate with that nomadic, bohemian, playful and sophisticated self!

After all, if I didn’t have an adverse childhood, I wouldn’t be in Bali now giving you all my tips and insights on finding your authentic self!

So there really is a bright and positive side to every situation!

What am I Looking Forward to Next?

I am heading to Seminyak on the 17th of February for a two week stay. I then go back to Dubai (something that I’m dreading to be honest).

Do you want to know why I’m so excited for my Seminyak stay?

Well beside the fact that I will be staying in a hotel with security and hopefully no spiders and gecko’s, I am super excited to dive deeper in my self-discovery and reconnection to my authentic self journey!

The neighborhood where my Seminyak hotel is located is really hippie and cool!

Plus, I will be exploring the new restaurants, cafes and lounges there. And I have a few nights out planned with my lovely Indonesian friends.

I think I’m now ready to step out of my shell and it feels so good to be thriving and not living out of survival mode!

Sending you lots of love and light from magical Bali!

authentic self

authentic self

authentic self

authentic self

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