Seminyak Reflections: The Universe is Always Sending Signs


The Universe constantly sends us signs to make us aware of something that we might be neglecting.

Seminyak Reflections

This afternoon, while I sipped on a ginger honey iced tea at Alila Seminyak beach bar, thoughts of how I was sitting at this very same beach bar last November and how I was and still am single.
I also remembered the words of cheerful Bella – the Seminyak beach sarong lady when she found out that I was traveling alone. She said: “Next time, you will have boyfriend.” Well, I hoped so too. But sadly I’m back to Seminyak six months later once more as a solo traveler.

Always Be Grateful

As I faced the stunning Seminyak ocean and took in that picturesque scene with all its sights and sounds, in front of me passed a physically disabled twenty-something man. His father was holding his hand as he took him to the nearby pool for a dip. The man was walking in a very dysfunctional way such that everyone at the beachside bar started to stare at him. There was my sign. The Universe – once again – was reminding me to be thankful and grateful for what I have. I had to stop always asking for more.
While I may not have a life partner or love in my life, I am blessed with good health, financial freedom and a solid circle of genuine friends. Indeed, I am blessed beyond measure.

Time to Relax

I write this post from a corner Seminyak café. Upbeat, happy Latin music is playing in the background. I just finished my second pot of hot ginger tea with honey because I’ve been down with the flu for the past two days or so. It’s my body’s way of asking me to slow down. Since arriving to Bali on April 17, I’ve been juggling a plethora of things. This includes trying to be active, attending a wellness retreat, meeting up with friends, checking out healthy, organic cafes and hip hangout spots. I’ve also been trying to engage with the community to meet new people and eventually find my soul companion.
I am enjoying my unplanned digital detox after the death of my iPhone. This is another sign from the Universe to force me to unwind and slow things down a bit.
I still plan to create a Seminyak itinerary for the remaining days of my stay in this busy, bustling touristy town. What can I say, some habits are difficult to suppress or change.
The top challenge now is this: How do I tell Bella that I’m still single?!

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