International Women’s Day: Anti-Women’s Empowerment Post

I just realized that I didn’t write a Wellness Wednesday blog post in a really long time. This was the last one.

Happy International Women’s Day

OK so let’s start off by saying Happy International Women’s Day. Being an alpha woman who’s a creation of my childhood and family conditioning, this post will surely not be about women’s empowerment. In fact, I’m encouraging the total opposite.

I still remember that New Year’s Eve dinner in 2021, when I was celebrating solo at a luxury resort in RAK. You can read all about that staycation in this post.

Because acting like you already have your dream life and person is one way to speed up manifesting them, I was having dinner at the resort’s restaurant where they had live music on New Year’s Eve. You can read this blog post to learn more about acting as if.

Towards the end of the dinner, a woman who was having dinner with a group of friends approached me and said: “We don’t need men, we can be happy on our own.” Or something along those lines.

She basically thought that I was all about women empowerment and being independent and that’s why I was having dinner alone on New Year’s Eve. LOL.

The fact is that I was acting as if and I didn’t want my life to pass me by because I don’t have a partner to share life experiences with. So I still go out alone and that’s what I did last New Year’s Eve as well. And it’s not because I want to feel empowered or because I hate men or anything like that, it’s because I’m practicing the law of attraction techniques to manifest my dream person!

Why I’m Anti-Women’s Empowerment

So I tweeted about this today. Last night, while exploring my limiting beliefs around relationships – the one that I picked up from my parents – feeling like I don’t need a man came up.

I was raised in a home where the mother was the dominant personality, the father was mostly absent or avoidant and the mother portrayed the super strong woman who feels like men are not necessary and that us women can do everything on our own.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also went to an all-girls school until I graduated from high school. Private all-girls schools in the ’90s in  the city where I grew up in Saudi Arabia were all about women’s empowerment and being independent.

Without getting into too much details (because it only enforces the limiting beliefs that I’m struggling to re-write at 42 and a half years of age), I can tell you that the women’s empowerment theme has been more of a block and a curse than a fortune.

At 42 and a half years of age, being chronically single, I still need to re-wire my brain to think that I actually need the support of a man and that men are necessary and that thinking otherwise is what’s standing in my way of manifesting one!

Now if you don’t agree, please comment with your thoughts. I’m all ears to hear your opinion on my perspective on the topic.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

If I ever have a daughter (which I have no idea if I will thanks to my over-extended healing journey which doesn’t seem to end!), I will not raise her to be independent or empowered. In fact, I want her to be the total opposite of how I was and still am.

I want my daughter to be soft, feminine, a goddess and a queen to be taken care of at all times. She won’t need to travel solo because she will always have someone by her side. Nor will she need to spend years in healing or re-writing her faulty beliefs and programs. She will not need to learn how to use the law of attraction or any other technique to attract her person. Because she will attract him effortlessly and with ease.

I have so much to share about this subject that I might write a second book on this. How to raise a feminine and soft daughter.

If you wonder why don’t I just lean into my feminine side and not have to complain about this, it’s because when you’re in your early forties and you want to manifest love, you have to do a lot of inner work and re-programming of your mindset. So even if I wanted to just relax into my feminine and not have to worry about manifesting my person, I know that it won’t help. I tried this strategy and it didn’t work.

Being an Alpha Woman

Once you’re an alpha woman, then you have to continue your life path as one. And this means doing the deep inner work and healing to create the reality that you dream of.

I’ll leave you with a screenshot of some scripting notes that I wrote three years ago about releasing my ‘superwoman’ role.

It’s so funny that even then, I hated being a superwoman and alpha woman.

Also, this song from Dean Martin is so fitting for my thoughts on the topic. And because everything flows, it was playing while I was having lunch earlier today! You’re nobody till somebody loves you. Have a listen here.

Well, you’re nobody ’til somebody loves you So find yourself somebody to love.”

OK that’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts. Do you support women’s empowerment? Do you like leading with your masculine energy? Are you the dominant one in the relationship? What are your thoughts on this topic?


International Women's Day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023


Life is Good


International Women's Day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023

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