Happy New Year 2023! Are you Manifesting Your Dream Life?

I took a break from writing while I was on vacation in sunny Cyprus. It was a rollercoaster trip which ended in a huge breakthrough and spiritual awakening (as Andreas, the hotel driver called it).

I’ll share the highlights from my one-month trip and of course all the manifestation insights that I learned.

Let’s start with a happy story today.

On New Year’s Eve, I was in Nicosia and I manifested the most magical New Year’s Eve dinner and party! There was a live jazz band signing all the Christmas songs, the food was great, then I partied with a group of Cypriots until 3:00 am!

It was my first official and proper NYE party! While I did spend NYE of 2021 at a resort in RAK, there was no party organized by the hotel. I ended up crashing a private party with a group of people that I met at dinner but it was nothing like the Nicosia one!

If you’re wondering, I stayed at MAP boutique hotel in the heart of the city. My entire ten-day stay was just perfect. So if you’re looking for a business/boutique hotel in the capital, then this is the best option.

The hotel organized the New Year’s Eve event so well. Like I said, there was a live jazz band, a lovely dinner and a full-on party with a DJ who played all types of music!

I honestly couldn’t have wished for a more perfect and happy way to start the year. When I checked out of the hotel, the receptionist said: “So your year will be full of joy, happiness and dancing.”

Another important part of that night was that instead of pretending like I had a partner (what I did last year), I actually embraced all my feelings including wanting to be with a partner.

This meant that I was singing along to Abba’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme” – you know the song. Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight.

Although I don’t want to spill the beans but the main breakthrough of my trip was about feeling the shadow side of being single.

I’ll talk about this in future posts and I’ll share why this is a powerful step in manifesting a partner.

Today, I wanted to share how I felt so happy that I went out on New Year’s Eve for so many reasons. First, I started the year with happy and positive vibes. I started the year dancing to all types of English and Greek songs with a group of wonderful people that I met that night at dinner.

The other main reason that I’m grateful that I went out is that I’m now closer to manifesting my dream life and person. Why? I simply had my first real New Year’s Eve dinner and party! This means that I’m already living my best life. So instead of waiting to be in a healthy and loving relationship to celebrate and have a fun NYE, I went ahead and did it as if I already have my dream person and life.

What I wanted to make clear is that you’re constantly manifesting your dream life and person. Just keep living your best life and trusting the process.

Did I feel fed up of going out alone and meeting random people at any moment that night? Of course I did. But I didn’t let that temporary thought or feeling stop me from getting dressed and going out to dinner alone. And that’s when everything shifted – right at midnight I met a lovely group of people who I partied with all night.

Stay tuned for more inspirational stories from my Cyprus trip. There will be a mix of travel tips, manifestation stories and self-awareness insights and breakthroughs.

Leaving you with some pictures that I took on January 1 in the streets of the old town in Nicosia.

Happy New Year 2023! Wishing you a magical year full of everything that makes you happiest!



Manifesting Your Dream Life

Nicosia Cyprus


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Manifesting Your Dream Life

Manifesting Your Dream Life Nicosia Cyprus


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Nicosia Cyprus


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