Energy and Vibration: What Energy do you Lead with?

I haven’t written a new Wellness Wednesday blog post in a while. The last one was about morning routines and why they’re so crucial for your energy and vibration. You can read it here.

Today’s post is also related to energy and vibration. It’s about masculine versus feminine energy and which one you choose to lead with in your daily life.

When I was in Campania in Italy, having dinner at a Trattoria in Sorrento, one of the waiters told me: “Piano Piano.”

In Italian, it’s a phrase that means: slowly, slowly. Because Italians are all about enjoying food and eating with mindfulness, the waiter noticed that I was eating fast without enjoying each bite.

Although I practice mindfulness in most moments of my day, living alone and being single sometimes forces me to do things fast. Of course add to that living in a fast-paced city like Dubai.

I’m sure that you understand what I mean if you also live in a big city.

City life is so fast and it’s busy everywhere. As such, you start to adapt to this fast pace. There’s a reason for this fast way of living: It’s because when you’re a single woman who has to do everything on her own, you generally have a very long and extensive list to get through at any given day!

So if you want to get everything on your to-do list done, you have no choice but to act fast and not take any breaks or rest.

How this impacts manifesting

The problem with this way of being is that you can’t attract a masculine man when you’re living from that energy yourself. Because you have to be in a polar energy and that’s your feminine side to help with the attraction.

Another layer to this is being an alpha woman by nature. Although I accept this part of my personality, I don’t really like the fact that I have to be in that alpha energy for most of my day.

Living in the city forces me to be in that alpha, masculine energy for the entire day. I truly hate this and I can’t control it as long as I live in the city.

There really is no way for me to practice slowing down unless I intentionally take time to do that at the end of each day.

The only time that I slow down is during my morning meditation. This ranges from ten to twenty minutes. Sometimes longer if I wake up very early.

So the only way for me to lead with my feminine energy is to do less. That’s why I’m excited about two things:

  1. Finalizing the cancellation of my coaching business license. I’m working on this now and I even have to pay a cancellation fee.
  2. Moving to Bali for six months in July of 2023 and doing nothing. I will not do anything significant besides writing blog posts and promoting my ebook.

What can you do about leading with your masculine energy?

I honestly can’t give you the right advice for this because it really depends on your situation. If you can’t do nothing, then maybe you can take time off at the end of each day to meditate or do something that helps you tune into your feminine side.

If you can take time off, then maybe you can book more vacations for yourself to help you slow down and relax.

I personally am looking forward to an upcoming trip next month. I’ll be sharing updates on my Instagram stories so make sure to follow me there. This is my Instagram profile page.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post. It talks about being an alpha woman and how we can navigate this way of being!


Masculine energy versus feminine energy

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